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where is baby?

Great, creepy atmosphere! Love the aesthetics and lore ^_^

This game was very well done. I love the interactions with all the toys in the room. All the cute noises the creepy little toys make lol Its always creepier playing as a child , in my opinion. Great horror game!

Really creepy, it really makes the player wonder if everything is real or a dream. The confusing point hits in the centre when you are walking down the corridor, it really feels like a dream world, just to have the ending slap it down.

Great game, and loved the visuals of the changing world.

Thanks glad you enjoyed my little game, will do a part 2 at some point.

Great game


Horror game

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?

Yes it does, a couple of loud audio and visual ones. If you are light sensitive there is also a moment where it "glitches" with flashing colors.

Wow This Game Was Really Scary

Pretty dang creepy.  At first I didn't think the VHS style made sense, but as a purely aesthetic choice by the end the effect was, well effective.

Playing 10 Horror Games on

Playing 10 Horror Games on 

Really love this game, it made scream and got me off guard not ganna lie... But here is two of your games I played hope you make more.

P.S - I will be record your other games as well :)

Really enjoyed this little horror gem! Look forward to more. Click here to view my channel

Funtastic game!!! Please watch it and subscribe!

Bom jogo, ta aí meu video :D

 Can somebody please help give me instructions on how to download this on my chromebook? It would really help me a lot to platy this fun looking game

Haven't tested on chromebook as the games only for Windows. Sorry.

Had an absolute blast! Awesome Game! I like to put a small comedic twist to horrifying experiences! I hope you enjoy! 


Enjoyed this one!! Thank you Dev!

Good game!! I really enjoyed the experience.

Gameplay PT-BR

Loved it! Amazing art style.

Hello, I made a video about this game. It looked quite interesting but honestly. I was mostly confused with what was actually going on. So... if anyone is interested my video that I made is down below.

this game is very creepy ^^ i like it and greetings from germany <3

Nice game

XD markiplier played this game on the latest 3 scary games. my question: how the hell did you get this story to make a game of it?

Just wanted to share that this game is featured in a let's play I just did with my wife you can check it out Here

Yet another great short horror game from this creator, having played Trapt and Not All There , this game also has a great creepy and terrifying atmosphere and certainly delivers on the scare.

 It will be interesting to see where this creator goes next in the field of horror games , it was another fun playthrough.

I wish it was longer . It definitely got me

Gave it a go...

Hi. I've played the game and took a chance of uploading the gameplay on my channel. Although very short, the game is very cool, since the graphics to the psychological thrilling. It's good to take some scare in a Friday Night, with uncompromised, casual gameplay. Kudos to you.

Scary doll

This was a cool little game based off of a terrifying urban legend. You portrayed it well, good job and keep up the good work!

this game was pretty good not the scariest but none the less good and love the graphics btw if you wanna check out some gameplay there ya gooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Dig it! Thanks so much for this game!
Starts at 19:54 in this video.

Great little game, very trippy and kind of ended a little too soon. I feel like I might have missed some stuff though. perhaps

This game got me good a couple of times. There was one part where I got stuck but eventually managed to proceed. It was a good experience and a good game.
Well done guys! :)

If you want to see this game just skip to the fifth  game. I played 5 free horror games. If you want to see the whole video ill appreciate It. Subscribe If You Choose To. Thank You For Your Time

In a game where it doesn't appear you can die, I somehow managed to...

The game is a a bit weird, it took me a bit to figure out how to proceed and the sound effects were... interesting. I'm also wondering how old the main character is to have a key and padlock, but it was pretty fun.

The game's very interesting. Though I wish there was a bit more puzzles to do before heading to the sister's room. That and the scares weren't as prominent as I feel they should have been. Other then that, game's very interesting.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Scares were unexpected, some parts were a big loud but HEY thats the point right?!
Love the style/feel of this game, can't wait to play more!

Hard on the ears (wearing headphones) at times but overall a cool game.  Cheers!

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