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Great little game, very trippy and kind of ended a little too soon. I feel like I might have missed some stuff though. perhaps

This game got me good a couple of times. There was one part where I got stuck but eventually managed to proceed. It was a good experience and a good game.
Well done guys! :)

If you want to see this game just skip to the fifth  game. I played 5 free horror games. If you want to see the whole video ill appreciate It. Subscribe If You Choose To. Thank You For Your Time

In a game where it doesn't appear you can die, I somehow managed to...

The game is a a bit weird, it took me a bit to figure out how to proceed and the sound effects were... interesting. I'm also wondering how old the main character is to have a key and padlock, but it was pretty fun.

The game's very interesting. Though I wish there was a bit more puzzles to do before heading to the sister's room. That and the scares weren't as prominent as I feel they should have been. Other then that, game's very interesting.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Scares were unexpected, some parts were a big loud but HEY thats the point right?!
Love the style/feel of this game, can't wait to play more!

Hard on the ears (wearing headphones) at times but overall a cool game.  Cheers!

Not a bad game! Styling is awesome!


Was a really fun and intriguing game. Don't know if the story was real, but it was really interesting and pretty spooky. The toys in the room and the environment that made up the room was well done! 

Only things I would suggest would be making the spinning wheel parts more obvious. And also to maybe make small sories taht the player can incover if they do certain things with the toys; for example get a snippet of a backstory if you finish the train line and the train goes in a circle. Another snippet could be unlocked by pickig up toys and the kid int he game remembers a certain memeory, etc. Stuff like that would make the last scare that much more spooky and would being everything in a good circle.

Speaking of the scare; the monster itself was done well and the glitchiness of it was really good! The way it looked as well as the way the whole game looked was great; the dark shadows and the light all really complimented each other and looked great. The weird mirror-y effect in the hallway, I thought was great as it did a good job at disorienting the player and making things seem very supernatural.

Overall a great game and a really fun one to play and experience. Good job and good luck on future updates!

Really spooky

Grafikler ve efektler hoş, ama oyun korkunç değil.

Graphics and efects are good, but it's not scary.

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This game was pretty short, but definitely gave me the creeps. Very well done, would love to see this progress further each night maybe if a bigger game was made! - 

Cool game. Check out my playthrough lol.

Why did they leave me alone? I'm so small!

Black Eyes is first!

I am really intrigued about the legend of the black eyed children and was really excited to play this game. I thought the atmosphere was actually amazing as there were some tense moments and great jump scares! 

My only con is how the black eyed child appears. I realized after watching other playthroughs that I missed two appearances because I was maniacally looking around the room. And the final one was a little anticlimactic. I think it would be cool to force you to focus on it in some way or really just throw it in the players face.

Добро пожаловать ко мне на канал! Заходи и посмотри прохождение этой игры :)

I have never heard of this legend/myth. It was a really pretty environment to explore, but I don't understand the story at all. Why did the parent leave a child all alone in the house? I thought the tip on the loading screen were hilariously fast. I say gameplay and graphic are great, its the story/delivery that needs improvement.

The black eyed children isn't an urban legend i've heard of, but I will  be looking into it now! Left some feedback towards the end of the video!

Question. Can you config the  controls?  I am a Left-handed mouse user.

Hello, keybinds and controls can be changed from mainmenu > settings > controls.

You can also enable invert mouse vertical look in mainmenu > settings > general.

Hope this helps, cheers!

Thanks Azaxor for yet another cool horror game, you successfully scared me with this one. It´s always a nice touch you adding the amazing effects to your games, the glitching effect was really nicely done. The interactivity with everything was on point,  I enjoyed throwing stuff around. The toys were super cute and I wasn´t ready to share them with the other girl in the video.

This creeped me out more than I was expecting and I love that! Starts at 8:39! 

I loved the atmosphere and mystery behind this game! It kept me on the edge of my seat. Highly recommend! 

This is great, it had a nice environment and nice use of the environment. Good pacing and good scares I defiantly recommend this game.

Pros and cons are down below)  Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated and the game is the 3d there)):


1. I liked how detailed this game is (especially comparing to your other project that I just reviewed called Not All There). It was fun interacting with different objects and it was very nice that each of them had a sound cue. Very cool.

2. The scares were pretty good (even though I missed some as I was a little scardy cat covering in fear in the corner of the room). I played the game before the update and you say you've added some more scares so I believe the game is even scarier now!

3. Also liked little puzzled you've put into the game. I like that you gave the player something to do apart from witnessing events, that's a very nice touch!


1. The ending was a bit weird. Maybe it would be nicer to see the ghost/monster crawl towards the player or run at them instead of just appearing from the floor. I mean, in this case that other project I just reviewed impressed me way more!

2. I think it would be nice to add a secret ending which the player would get if they wouldn't open the door as they were told. Like if they would just sit in the room then they'd get the ending after some time passes. At the moment feels kinda weird that the game makes us exit the room though we had 1 job to keep the door closed.

3. The text at the start was way to fast to read. I didn't pay attention at first and then it was impossible to catch up. Maybe it would be nice to let the player skip the text upon clicking or something like that?


I liked this game a lot. Even a lot more than Not All There actually! I think this deserves 5/5 stars definitely and I will check out your update for sure (maybe not on the channel alredy, but in my own time)). Keep up the great job!

Hope my feedback was useful!

Hi everyone, thank you so much for playing and for your feedback and ideas. I have been quite busy so haven't been able to answer you all, but I've just updated the game with a few more scares and such! Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter for my latest creations in the making

Great game you made here! Made me feel like a little kid again afraid of thunder All  in all nice job!

Got to play the game on my channel. feel free to check it out. this is why no one should leave their kids alone at home. the world is scary
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Great for a Halloween Special Livestream!

Great game! 


Short but scared me good.

I really enjoyed this game I wish it was longer, I loved the look and feel of this game I don't know the urban legend of black-eyed kids ill have to look it up if you would like to see my playthrough here it is:

enjoy 👍

Real creepy, nice job.

This game brings a good sense of dread as the pounding on the door grows louder and louder threaten your tiny space. And the climax monster reveal wasn't to bad either with the face grab scare. GGs   :)

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😍

this was so much fun! Short and effective, I got scares so many times 🤣😅I hope you enjoy! 

Leave my little gameplay of this game. Is scary and detailed. I like it and i like more.

So much fun !!! 😁

Ok this scared me good. I want to know more about this thing and why it does what it does. c'mon we need MORE OF THIS!!! still good job on the game and please make more games as you have great talent.

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