Cloacaphobia is now released!

Cloacaphobia is now released on Itch and features multiple endings, 90s VHS Found Footage Survival Horror with cryptid creatures and a gruesome atmosphere! Download the full game below!

Story ⚫  Upon entering a sewer system, in hopes of capturing evidence and footage of a unnamed cryptid creature for your own financial gain. You accidentally fall down a hole in one of the flooded tunnels and hear a loud screech in the distance, with no way to get up again or contact anyone, you must now find an alternative path as the water rises and whatever lurks in the murky shadows draws near.

Description ⚫ Cloacaphobia is a 90s VHS found footage horror that plays on the fear of sewers, realistic situations and claustrophobic environments  with a gruesome atmosphere.

⚫ Features multiple endings ⚫ One good ⚫ One bad

"Cloacaphobia, the fear of sewers" A sequel to my previous title Crawlerphobia:"


Cloacaphobia Full Game Windows 1 GB
Aug 21, 2021

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