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Thanks for playing Anything Gaming!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing Bibamaru Jorge!

Thanks for playing Matchu!

Thanks for playing Heuster 101!

Thanks for playing d00t plays!


Good game I download play

this is my full reaction and review of a sorts this game has potential but the animations are bad witch is sad because all the other stuff seems promising i didn't make it very far tho sadly but this game does have potential it just gets over shadowed by the bad animations really cool style with the vhs thing and it has more mechanics than you would think over all 6/10 for potentially being very scary

if you watched my video i appreciate it
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Well the game is not easy and requires some effort. Watched your playthrough but the annoying background audio you added really made it hard to watch. What animations in specific? you only zoomed in on the one rat in the beginning playing a idle loop anim? About the no flashlight included, not every horror game needs to have one, you are supposed to memorize the environmental details and listen to the audio etc to find your way through the game.

I think you need to take your time with the game. But yeah anyway thanks for your feedback and for playing!

Didn't play to much of it but I liked it thought it was really creepy with the old vhs video camera exploring a sewer but as soon as that thing started chasing you it  kinda ruined it for me.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback, which one? There are 3 main enemies in the game 2 different Crawler creatures roaming around and a huge snake in the flooded section plus environmental dangers and a special crawler in the bad ending.

Thanks for playing The Dark Pursuer!

Thanks for playing Alpha Beta Gamer! ( Both Endings )

Thanks for playing Nokzen! 

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cool creepy

This game almost killed me. :( 

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I must say, this is a really scary and intense game, almost to intense to actually complete. My god it is scary. The atmosphere is so dark, quiet and crowded, and it makes it so unsettling. At so many points you just want to give up and stay hidden, but doing so may but you in even more danger! And the sound effects! My god! You can hardly make out where it comes from, but you damn well know it is coming for you! The art-style, mechanics, audio and overall gameplay is fantastic and so polished! 

It is however somewhat hard to complete as there is no save- or checkpoint system, which means death results in you having to start over. I was lucky to make it through in my first try, but when I replayed for the second ending, I had to try several times. The problem is that it seems to be impossible to escape the monsters as soon as they spot you. I did escape the water-monster once by throwing a rat at it, but that did not seem to work any of the other times I attempted it. I assume the rats are for distracting it, but you can not throw them very far, so they do not seems to be of great use. 

Despite these minor issues I managed to immerse myself and complete both endings, so this game gets a clear rating of 5/5! Keep up the great work!


Thanks for all the great comments and feedback very helpful and I will definately check out your playthrough!

Is there an ending to this? I've tried about 10 times and I keep getting to the lower area after getting the 2 keys and a giant snake kills me every time I try to progress...


There are two endings. Try listen to the water movement sound of the snake ( you can hear it clearly when standing still ) the audio is 3D directional so you can hear where the snake is, also rats can be used to distract it. The snake also patrols in the same pattern. Thanks!


Figured it out. I must say, that was a true test of my mental fortitude LMAO. A lot of trial and error, but I managed to get both endings! I'll be posting my playthrough soon! Thanks for the tips!!


Haha. Thanks for pushing through, It is definitely not the easiest game and with very little hand holding if any, plus a disorienting design by choice.  Might do some little tweaks to make rats more useful or such in a little future update. Thanks for feedback and for playing, look forward to your playthrough!

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