Update v1.01 Now out!

Thanks for all your feedback!

The game has been updated to version v1.01.

Please update and re download the game to make sure you play the updated build with bug fixes.

Below you will find the full change log:

  • Fixed auto save issue revolving around items the player can pick up and in  general fixed auto saving so it works as intended.
  • Fixed a issue revolving around old animations lingering on 3 doors on the first floor being reactivated when the game reloaded auto saves.
  • Added a additional auto save point on the first floor.
  • Fixed a issue with a fog wall.
  • New audio in some places.
  • Further optimization.

Thank you for reading and playing Defile!


Defile Full Game Windows 64bit V101.zip 2 GB
Apr 25, 2022


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