Lakelight Elementary Incident 68 is now released! Third installment in my VHS Urbex Found Footage "Incident" Tape Series!

Lakelight Elementary Incident 68 is now released on Itch! 10% Off price for 7 days after launch on both Lakelight Elementary Incident 68 & the previous installment in the series Sanevol Incident 44! Enjoy!

Lakelight Elementary Incident 68 is a realistic urban exploration VHS  Found Footage horror title with a twist, unveil the past and afterlife through your camera.

Key Features⚫SEPIA Cam mode, B/W Spirit  Cam mode and limited flash blitz mechanic - Unveil the spirit world to uncover ghost event puzzles to learn the past events of Lakelight Elementary and put a end to a Malaysian vampiric entity.

⚫Explore the abandoned Lakelight elementary school, discover the American schools history and what ultimately lead to its closure in 1968, discover stories surrounding the characters that once were here and unveil how Malaysian folklore crept its way into the school halls.

⚫3 possible endings - 1 Good - 1 Bad - 1 Secret.

⚫Part of my Urbex "Incident" Tape series, this being the third installment.

Checkout the launch trailer below and thanks for your support!

Created by Aza Game Studio.

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Lakelight Elementary Incident 68 Full Game Windows 1 GB
Jul 20, 2022

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