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Once again you have managed to spook me! I really like the style you approach in these games. The monsters, setting, and bizarreness of the whole situation is awesome. One little nitpick is make the keys a different color or brighter because the VHS style and the darkness makes it hard to see. I am curious if you are ever planning on doing a bigger game with a full story and adventure. You seems to do really well with these short horror games. Look forward to seeing more from you!

Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed it. You're in luck I am currently working on a larger & more polished experience called Catacombia, you can wish-list the game on Steam here:

Oooh! Done! I can't wait to play it! 


Gameplay final 2 Buguei o monstro kkkk

KKKKKKKK rachei muito bom mano 

This game looks nice, I will give it a try.

Thanks for checking out the game!

I gave it a go - 


Thanks for playing!

Rewatching my playthrough when I was editing this, I actually think I may have missed an ending, but I had a good time playing this one.


I believe you missed the apartment ending, but regardless thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the short experience.

an incredibly fun game!

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it!

Great game however the keys need to stand out. I nearly spent an hour looking for a keycard that was in a dark shadow behind a door. Lucky I cut it but wow way too long to just find a key. Anyway keep on crafting these games love it. 

Thanks for playing and for your feedback very appreciated and I agree. One last freebie game is coming after that I am back focusing on my paid titles on Steam. Cheers

Awesome can't wait to see what you make. 

Thanks! If you haven't already follow me on Twitter: for some early sneakpeak GIF's of the next title. Cheers

That was a spicy day I just went through...

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

Another Ending.

Is this game based on the Kisaragi Station creepypasta?

No the game is just based upon my imagination, just a short experiment made in a couple of weeks and all story I came up with along the way. Thanks for your interest!

Great atmosphere.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the creepy atmosphere!

This is pretty damn good, man! I love your style. The scares in this one got me good a few times haha. I had to check out both endings because I HAD to see the full game. Thanks for the fun, dude!


Thanks for playing as always, glad you enjoyed man. For the final freebie I'm working on it will be full on survival horror and similar to Crawlerphobia but with some new tricks! Cheers man


I'll definitely support whatever you do! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. I'm gonna come back and donate to this game too when i get back on the computer. I appreciate all your hard work, man! Your games usually scare me more than most of the stuff I play.

I really think you're gonna like this next one if you want some sneakpeak GIFS of it checkout my twitter AzaGameStudio. Thanks man that is really nice of you and I really appreciate it! 

Another fantastic game! Great pacing as usual, and terrifying enemies. This genuinely scared me a few times. Love your games!!

Thanks for playing & for your feedback, btw the final freebie I'm working on will be more similar to Crawlerphobia but with some new tricks, also pure survival horror next time around. This was indeed more of a small experiment done in a couple weeks. Cheers man.

Great job, man! Always excited when I get the notification that you've released a new one.

As always thanks for showing support and thanks for your feedback and for playing! Really appreciate it, got another final freebie coming which will be similar to Crawlerphobia but throw in some new tricks as well! Stay tuned!

Thanks for playing Heuster 101!

Dude the first time that guy appeared and ran after me i almost had a heart attack haha this was pretty cool man keep it up :)


Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I really appreciate it

Another amazing game!

As usual, art-style, mood, audio and gameplay, top notch. I really liked the different endings, and I found the story very intriguing!

This game does however remind me a lot of the other games, and although good, I would love to see some more variation! Something new and risky, I know you have the skill to do so, as these games are of really high quality!

Anyway, good work!



Thanks, this game was mostly story focused and less survival then my others, I am working on one final freebie that indeed pulls some new tricks, anyway thanks for the great feedback and details, glad you enjoyed!

Great game dev great atmosphere and jumpscares 

Thanks, glad you appreciated the atmosphere!

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so creepy 90s

As always thanks queen faith for playing my game!

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yes ---i ihave play your first game--- you have talent 

holy shit

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This build is only for keyboard & mouse so that's weird. I'll try reupload a version with gamepad support. Thanks.

*EDIT* Game has been updated, perhaps consider changing your  0/5 review?  The game now supports PS4 / XBOXONE Controller, connect before executing the game and it will auto detect input at launch. If you have controller connected and prefer keyboard&mouse please turn off / pull it out before starting the game.

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Sorry but you don't make much sense. I said perhaps consider changing your rating of course only if you intended to actually try out the game ie: I am not directly asking you to do so. But what you wrote in your review does not reflect the current state of the game and I simply wanted you to be informed of the update / fix so you could perhaps check it out, not trying to be rude at all. But maybe you should consider that instantly leaving a 0/5 rating on a game you havent even played, only because you dont want to pull out your usb plug to your controller... Could also be considered a bit strange to a dev. None the less I intend to add functionality to switch manually instead of automatic in the future but at this moment this is how things are. Anyway thanks for your feedback and do as you please cheers.

Great work!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the game!

Check out my full playthrough:

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Thanks for playing! There's another ending ( hint: Try going down the other traintrack path, when the train hits you, you will wake up in a new place). Cheers!

Thanks for the comment and the hint. I'll do another vid for the other ending soon!

Thank you so much! ( when the train hits you, you will wake up in a new place )

There is part 2 with the alternative ending:

Nice! Enjoyed watching both and thanks for playing!

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