Last Stop Station 66 is now released!

Full game featuring 2 endings now out! Download the game here:

Story ⚫ You fell asleep during a train ride after visiting your friend. Upon awakening you realize you've arrived at the last stop, except this line shouldn't have more than 25 stops, but you've now arrived at Station 66. Uncover the mystery behind what is actually going on, and go in depth with the multiple outcomes to your story and ultimately your demise.

⚫Features 2 different endings depending on player actions through non-linear gameplay routes and exploration taking the player to different locations and providing different outcomes.

⚫ Last Stop: Station 66 is a 90s VHS Found Footage Psychological Thriller Horror experience that plays on realistic situations and claustrophobic environments with a deep atmosphere.


Movement = WASD

RUN = Left shift




ZOOM WITH CAMERA = Right mouse button



Best played in 1920x1080 resolution.

Keyboard & Mouse only.

You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options.

You can view / edit controls inside the game through ESC > Controls.

Created by Aza Game Studio.


Last Stop Station 66 Full 1 GB
Mar 21, 2021

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Really like the new game, but any hints on the second ending?

Thanks and thanks for playing! Try going down the opposite traintrack to the one with the mannequins ( if you get hit by the train you end up somewhere )

I was able to outrun the train, could I have gone onto it? I saw one of the doors were open?

You can outrun it yes, you can't enter it, but if you get hit by it you will find the second ending.