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Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it! Good work :)


Glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you

J'adore le stress

Thanks for playing!

Gute Demo, macht auf jeden Fall Lust auf mehr. Ich bin gespannt wie die Story weitergeht... keep up the good work!!!

Glad you were intrigued by the story and thanks for playing!

Very fun! But it was choppy when on ultra, my computer should be able to handle it but it would'nt. other then that. Very fun! Keep it up!

What resolution where you playing in and what monitor refresh rate? Try turning on Vsync in the pause menu should alleviate any issues. Thanks for playing!

This game was a great horror experience but way to difficult to find some of the stuff. It is only a demo and I'm excited to see what this will become!


Thanks for your feedback and for playing!

This game was a lot of fun to play, and super creepy as well. They keys were a little hard to find, and a flashlight would have been nice, but aside from that the game looks beautiful and has some amazing potential. Definitely excited for the full release. Incredible job!
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A flashlight is just too boring and overused so this will not be the case for Lingering Souls however the camera will have many extra mechanics in the full game and be utilized in many ways! Appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing glad you are looking forward for the full release!

Sounds awesome. I agree with you, flashlights in horror games are very boring and overused, so all power towards your decision not to use one. Looking forward to see the creative ways the camera can be utilized. Keep up the great work, I’ll definitely be worth it.

An amazing game  with a big potential

I appreciate that!!

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W game!

W playthrough!


cool demo, super creepy. one thing i will say is that i think you need to make it easier to find things, i was trying to find that ring for ages!


Hello. I will be playing this live, tomorrow 11/6 around 6 PM EST =D.

Good Job

Thanks for playing!

Great game!!! SUPER SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking out the demo!

hey friends! hope you enjoy the video as much As I enjoyed the game. really good Experience

Glad you had a good experience with the demo!


would love to play the full game when it's released!

[This was the second game I played in this video] I thought that this was a solid prologue. The best part was the camera navigating in the dark places. I love how interactable the world is. Left some notes at the end of the video that I think would improve the game moving forward!

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed the prologue, appreciate the feedback, in the full game the camera will not only be used to light up your environment but will serve as a intricate part of both the story and gameplay and be expanded with multiple unique mechanics that you must use in order to progress. Cheers

this game scares me !!!!!

Finished your demo. As others mentioned, I also had stuttering issues. Even the music in the dialogue sequence seemed to stutter. Furthermore I really struggled opening that box even though I removed the padlock. And in addition, the default mouse sensitivity seems insanely high. 

The atmosphere & the ghosts were really creepy, so you did a good job there. I wish you good luck with your project. 

Your game is the first in the video

The intro music is intentional. As for if you experience any in game flickering when turning you can alleviate this by turning on Vsync in the pause menu. Thanks for feedback and for playing!

Creepy and leaves questions, just like a proper demo should be. I ran into some stuttering issues, even at high graphics, but otherwise the game is looking great.

Thanks for playing!

Beautiful demo

Thank for playing glad you enjoyed the demo

Thanks for playing!

That demo's definitely creepy! I can't wait to see the full version to find out what's going on in that apartment.


Thanks for your support as usual my friend and glad you enjoyed this little slice of what Lingering Souls has to offer! Looking forward to see you play the full game!

Love the ghost design! Very terrifying!

Thanks for playing enjoyed your video!

This was a really fun little demo! I enjoyed the ghost scares and the music and sound scape was amazing! I was expecting more scares but the tension was perfect, I recommend! Here is my gameplay video!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback, yeah was more going for slow, dreadful and atmospheric rather then going full throttle when its only the prologue. I appreciate you checking out the game!

Fairly nice game for sure. It definitely has a nice atmosphere to it. I look forward to the full release.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks glad you enjoyed the atmosphere!

Nice Game, Can´t wait to see the Fullgame!!!
Gameplay here:

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Pretty cool game so far, i had some jitter in graphics when turning left and right. I enjoyed the demo though!


Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed the prologue!

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Here is my shorts from when I streamed the demo! :) 

Awesome reactions thanks for checking out the demo once again!

Can't wait to play the full game!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your patience and for playing two of my games today!

Always a pleasure!

For being only a demo, this was not bad! Looking forward to the full release! Made a video on it.


Thanks happy you enjoyed this little sneak peak into Lingering Souls! Nice play through!

Getting about 15fps on a 2070 super. Any ideas what i can try? I've turned everything down low but no luck :( i really would like to try this out

Without knowing your full system specs it's a bit hard to pinpoint the cause of your low FPS. Have you tried changing resolution? Updating your gpu drivers? The game performs well for most other people. Hope you can try it out! :)

Lingering Souls Good Game! 


Thanks for playing, nicely done!

I cannot wait for the full release here! SO glad to have streamed this first! As it was a game I was looking forward to! 
Gameplay is at 3:35! Hope you will enjoy! 

As always thanks for your support and thanks for playing I'm glad you enjoyed the prologue demo and your reactions were awesome!

love the game it was so good keep up the good work

Thanks really glad you enjoyed this little slice of Lingering Souls!

why can't i buy your games bundle

There can be many reasons, are you trying to pay with credit card or paypal and which error code are you getting?

Air code 700.

Air code 700. I'm thinking that was it.

It won't let me buy with PayPal or my credit card.

i enjoyed the demo, will checkout the full game for sure.

Thank you so much that means a lot! Glad you enjoyed the demo!


Tentei jogar em uma gtx1050/i5/8gb ram e não rodou direito, ficou travando muito e a escuridão está absurda e não dá para enxergar.


Quick patch released, be sure to be on v1.1. You can check the build version on the main menu. Thank you for playing Lingering Souls Prologue Demo!

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