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the game doesnt open

Extract the game content folder with Winrar and execute with the .exe file do not remove any files extract all the content and keep it in the same folder. The game only supports Win 64bit systems, also check the system requirements posted on here. Else please contact

If nothing helps itch can issue you a refund but hopefully you can get it to work! Cheers.


can i have the key for this game ?


Another awesome game! I bought it as soon as it came out and I'm now just playing it. Definitely worth it. Great jump scares and creepy atmosphere. Game here: 

Awesome thanks for playing and thanks for your support! Stay tuned for the next series "The Lost Tapes". Cheers


I was determined to not get jumpscared in this one but you still got me haha. It was pretty cool checking out an old fire station. I don't think I've seen that in a game before so it was a nice change of scenery. I'm sad the series is over because it was a great journey but i know you'll surprise us with more good stuff in the future. Thanks for the fun, dude! Keep up the good work!


Thanks and thanks for your continued support means a lot to me! Always enjoy your reactions and play throughs! The 2 part series The Lost  Tapes will be available afterwards the Incident Tape Series. Ive also got a standalone title planned after with completely different gameplay! Checkout the teaser for the upcoming first installment in The Lost Tapes Series here: 


got the good ending on accident when i think it should have been the secret ending. really cool game though!!! 

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Glad you enjoyed the game! This is now fixed and current build has been replaced!
Checkout the next series "The Lost Tapes" Teaser is out now for the first installment in the upcoming series! Cheers


It was fun playing through the series and the last game was fun, got caught by the first jump scare of the burning skeleton was not expecting it. The endings were easy to find, though the post on twitter made me understand what to do in the crawl space. I am wondering how many will work out the secret ending, hopefully they read the notes.
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Wow that was fast, impressed by the speed of which you upload new content, keep up the great work! Yeah wanted to do something different this time around, more actual dangers then all the paranormal stuff, indeed the secret ending is not too obvious and kinda sad. Thanks for your feedback and awesome play through and for your support!

*EDIT* Forgot to say, while the Incident Tape Series is complete now. I just put out a teaser for the first installment in the next 2 tape series called "The Lost Tapes"!

After these two titles, i will produce one final title "The Explorer Tape" with completely different gameplay in the likes of a simulator / realism day / night survival etc. kinda thing.
Thank you for your support once again!

Ohhh the Lost Tape teaser is looking good! I'm excited to play through the new series! I've been enjoying all your games, so I'm looking forward to your upcoming releases; I'm really glad you enjoyed my playthrough. 


No-commentary playthrough

Glitched into the good ending! Whups!

Just checked the game files and replicated what you did i am at a loss currently to how you managed to trigger the good ending at the top of the crane. Very weird glitch indeed! Glad you enjoyed the game otherwise and I'll keep digging a bit more. Btw try jumping down from where you where standing next time and see what happens :) Cheers thanks for your feedback!


Never doubt all the games made by azagamestudio  
spooky, jumpscare, survival, puzzle, variation at the ending  
everything is complete in the game  
and in this game I got all the endings  
very good game highly recommend

Thanks that means a lot to me, thank you for believing in my studio and work! Cheers well done getting all the endings!


Love the spooky atmosphere! 

Thank you glad you are enjoying the game! Thanks for your support!