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Its a short fun game! I like it! Kinda strange sometimes bc you dont know what to do but its ok!!!

Hey There Azaxor.

Definitely some nice jump scares thanks to the audio. I'm sure plenty of us at one point have had that spooky vibe in underground parking lot, or parking garage for sure.  Short, but effective! Good stuff! - I  think the part that got me real good was the wave and disappear haha.

Although short, it did amazingly well at giving me the creeps. The part where the killer is driving around with the distorted song play.. was absolute nightmare fuel. The graphics were astonishing, and the jumpscares/sound cues were mind-blowingly good. I enjoyed deeply, but I feel as if I missed something. A strong 4/5 from me!

I thought the game was pretty interesting.  Managed to get scared a few times.  One thing that would've been cool is if there was more to do when the chainsaw dude came after you.  Overall good game.

Brilliant little horror game! Would love to see more content added at some point! If you want to see more gameplay before downloading, you can so here: 

There isn't much to the game, it's not bad just needs more. However, I can say I felt genuine fear while playing this game, for all the wrong reasons. I could be a great game just a bit to little at the moment

I liked the visuals, but... honestly it left me so confused haha 
Here's my playthrough in Russian. 


For a short game i really liked it, this made me excited to play another game by this author (black eyes). If you would like to see my playthrough of this game here it is: 

enjoy 👍

Pretty cool and short. The graphics were really nice, exciting for what else you have to offer! I made a video of it as well.

This game is short and so fun!!!

This game was short and intense! It made me feel uneasy and it was gruesome with a disturbing backstory!

Nice, short, to the point, and most importantly a great pacing of horror. Great job. I look forward to see how this game pans out if you develop it.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Nice game developer! Though it was short it captured my attention adequately and made me feel very uneasy about it coupled with the gruesome scenes made for a nice experience. Good job.

come check out my video on it and maybe  drop a sub and tap that like button


Its very short but I liked the Graphics!!

Wow! Not All There looks and sounds excellent, and does a great job of building suspense. I was caught off-guard with how it ends though. I recommend giving this game a try, but I hope the developer expands the game’s climax to be truly mind blowing. 

Thanks so much for making this game, quite scary and everything was just build in to give it a short horror movie style. I did enjoy all of the scares and almost had a bit of a panic moment, mostly because all of the elements in your game (music, sounds, ambience, etc). I am definitely checking more of your content. 


really interesting game for only being 5 mins long I think its a great start to something pretty different in the horror genre and the message of this game hits very close to home for someone like me overall I had a great time check below for my full walkthrough!

Yup..ill never work overtime ever again. i dont want to see something like this in real life. i wish if we get chased by the killer though it wouldve make this game even better but overall i enjoyed it and its up on my channel. i hope yall enjoy watching it!

good atmosphere

hi, big thx for the cool game. greetings from rosti 😀

Cool little game, loved the atmosphere.  Cheers! 


It was good for being made in two days and you had a little story behind it!

Here is my video

Loved this short horror game. The realistic nature of the game was awesome. Great atmosphere, creepy vibes, mini jump scares and overall experience. Looking forward from more content from you.

Very atmospheric...i love it :))

I really enjoyed the feel this game gave off to me. Realistic horror is the best, being that things like this can or have happened. Great work, I'll be looking forward to your next project.

Short but good

Good game! I really enjoyed the game-play.  That abrupt end had me wanting to play more. I will link my game-play below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

This was great! Super short, and left me wanting more. I would love to see more added to this, maybe different areas or a chase scene or something! This has a really good build up of tension. Great work! 

Short but very sweet do you plan on adding more to this? here is my gameplay btw hope you enjoy :)

Spooky game, little short.

Very cool had me super creeped out.

Great little horror game! Pretty scary but just too short I wanted more. Hope it gets updated and get a longer version. Thanks Azaxor!

Nice game bruh! I played it for Halloween, but forgot to post it up on here. Anywayss, hope you enjoy!

No problem! Happy Halloween! Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!


Glad you enjoyed what little the game had to offer and thanks for playing!

MORE, Pleasee moreee...
Very intriguing, well-made and fun to play.


Thanks I'm honored, if you are looking for more check out my profile on Itch, follow me on Twitter at @AzaGameStudio for regular updates on my major upcoming project! Thanks again.

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Thanks for playing!


That's correct car model yeah. Nice!

Wow, this is pretty cool! I loved it. That ending got me good, haha. Thanks!


Enjoyed watching your play through & thanks for playing!

Awesome Nice.

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed the game!

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