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Good Job

This is an interesting game set in Japan.

The atmosphere looks a little Chinese, but that's a good taste.

I enjoyed your work, thank you


Overall really good games, keeps you on your toes while playing, because you have to be alert and observant. 


The game is Great. Thank you <3

Creepy game!

nice game

Gameplay en español

Hey! I played your game, and I loved it! Took me a few tries, but gotta say, the last few scares got me real good! Keep up the good work! :)

It's just the fact that its based off a true story

This was good! very creepy once it picked up :) It needs a save or checkpoint though. I died so many times and had to start over and over haha but you did an awesome job! :D 

Okiku was creepy and scary. The heat was transmitted firmly!

Game was fire! thanks for making this for us


LOVED this little game! It definitely gives major spooky vibes and a creepy feeling. Check out my full gameplay here!

really enjoyed this the ai was incredibly hard but im okay with that i enjoy a challenge!, the atmosphere was spot on, graphics were really nice, and the lore with this game was so good the story was rich and tragic! only thing i would of liked was a checkpoint system other than that great game! video above hope you enjoy guys! 

Really fun short horror game. its really interesting to learn about the doll.

This took me so much longer than it should have! It really needs a save function though. Thanks for making this!

It`s creepy game.

Good small horror game !! Abrupt ending but good jumpscares :)

Very creepy

What a great little horror gem. I love the spooky atmosphere, as well as the really creepy true story of Okiku the doll. Not convinced? Take a look at the gameplay:

This was actually a scary game. Not gonna lie! I was ACTUALLY SCARED. GOOD JOB!! It was super fun :)

I LOVED your game! Can't wait for Part 2!


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 🙏😘

The game is amazingly done! I really liked it! True, I got into a bug of eternal squats ... Well, the only negative is that there is no saving after hide and seek with a doll. But the rest is very cool! With love from Russia!


Pretty neat concept, but without a checkpoint after the hide and seek, I don't have the patience to finish this.  Too bad because it was cool while it lasted.


Creepy dolls... hate ... em..

Game is pretty fun I was hoping for more but it did caught with a few jump scares that I don't be ready for good game.

Lovely game! A bit too much reading material at once and i got stuck at one point but i liked it a lot!
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Okiku is a short J-Horror game where the player finds themselves having to investigate their Uncle's Sake Bar & Restaurant which has been plagued by paranormal activity ever since he stole an Okiku doll in hopes of bringing luck to his establishment.

The atmosphere and environment of this game is incredible and after finishing it - I wanted more! It's short and to the point. The little doll which you need to play hide and seek with is terrifying and I found myself having to restart the game since I kept dying. But once you figure out what you need to do - the game becomes a breeze. Play this game!

Really interesting and creepy as fuck!

Video Link:


DAMN this was scary!!!!! 


amazing graphics and loved the design and all of that! only thing that unfortunately happened is that i got stuck :P


it's simple!! veri nice!

Thanks for making the game!! You got me a couple of times with the jump scares as well XD

Dolls freak me the hell out, so good job with that ^^  Keep up the good work ^^


I really enjoyed this the story, atmosphere, concept, and overall scares of the game came together really really well! I loved playing it and it scared the crap outta me good job! If you wanna see my playthrough here it is!

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