Okiku is now released!

Okiku is now released on Itch and available for Windows 64bit systems!

Okiku is a japanese first-person horror game inspired by the real life Okiku doll which is said to grow its own hair and teeth.

Story ⚫

A famous doll named Okiku is stolen from a temple by your uncle Haku the owner of Sake bar & restaurant. He believes the doll will help his failing business and bring more customers. Shortly after bringing the doll to the restaurant, strange and horrifying events begin to occur. Haku is forced to temporary close the restaurant. He then finds you Minato, a young student with an interest in mysteries and the paranormal. Haku tells you he will pay you if you can solve the mystery and calm the spirit of the doll down. You head out one evening on your scooter to begin your investigation. Will you solve the mystery or become another victim of Okiku?

Teaser Trailer:


Okiku Full Game Windows 64bit.zip 1 GB
Aug 09, 2021

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Small update added, changed spawn location of Okiku one place.