Reef Light Conundrum is now released!

Reef Light Conundrum is now released!

Reef Light Conundrum is a standalone realistic urban exploration simulation mixing themes of the paranormal & lovecraftian horror. Explore a abandoned rusty fishing trawler ship rumored to be haunted after all the people onboard died due to mysterious circumstances. The ship has been decaying for 50 years and you must now proceed with your urban exploration to uncover it's past


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Apr 13, 2023

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I’m looking to buy this but was curious how long it would take to beat the game?


Depends on the player but short and has multiple endings ( 2 endings ). Each requires replaying the game from the beginning. Thanks!

Couldn't get past the door as the item wouldn't let me use it. Also pressing tab to use item, freezes in you place. I also had times where pressing esc froze me too in place. I also tried to use the hot key function as digit 1 and that also didn't work as well. Hoping to play this game soon

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Sorry you encountered issues. I have tested the game though and experienced none of these things. 

You press 1 to draw out and hide the fish gutting knife.

Which door? The first release tool must be used at the storage room not the main hallway ( even if they look identical they have different names and fit at different doors ). You do not need to press tab ever to use any item in the game. Just press E to interact with doors to unlock them as long as you have the corresponding unlock item it works. Thanks for feedback

the door stated that I needed an unlocking tool that i was rewarded with for correctly doing the sequences of the event. it was after going downstairs to the right, the left door is open and a dead end with a note that I can't translate. also pressing 1 doesn't do anything for me in the game unfortunately, even with the item in slot 1.

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Yeah you went to the wrong location then when you examine the release tool it tells you where it is for ( also says in the popup message when you pick it up) , you need to first go around the ship on the deck, use the release tool you were rewarded with from the ghost puzzle on the storage room, find another release tool inside there and then go down and use that one on the door below. You first unlock the fish gutting knife later on, so that would be why you cant bring it out yet.

yeah after looking around for a bit, I found my way around. Thank you again, I am lost again but don't give me any hints. Also that shark scared the hell out of me. I genuinely threw my headphones off my head.

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Haha. The game surely requires a bit of exploration + patience and has a claustrophobic level but the puzzles are not too hard though! Glad you found your way for now! 

I will give it another shot. Hopefully it will work :)