Sanevol Incident 44 Is now released on Itch! The Second installment in my Urbex series

Sanevol Incident 44 is now out on Itch!

Tape 2 and the second installment in my urbex vhs found footage "incident" series is now out!

Part of my Urbex "Incident" Tape series, this being the second installment.

Each tape features unique places and different "incidents". Each can be played individually and are not connected.

The full urbex vhs found footage collection will feature 4 unique tapes. 

I might produce a bundle of all the games in the series at a reduce price but each of the paid ones will be available for 2.99€

Thank you so much to all the players who played Grainwind Incident 77 and thanks for all the support and videos it really motivates me to produce more horrific and interesting titles - I am a solo developer so all of these games have been taking up quite a bit of my time!

Until the next tape! Stay tuned!


Sanevol Incident 44 Full 3 GB
Jun 25, 2022

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