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Subnautica players will love this!

Funny game but you will need a lot of tweet

I have a fear of the ocean... So this game was something very interesting! Overall enjoyed it!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. Very creepy and unnerving game. Great job! 

very nice game.

Such an awesome Game. 5/5

Thanks for playing LouisGalaxoz!

Thanks for playing タカヤ Games!

Thanks for playing Max Horror!

thank you for the game

Thanks for playing! sorry you had trouble finding the hiding areas, there between big stone blocks crevices but sorta hidden by flora, theres one right behind you where you start and in all larger rooms and some tunnels. Cheers

I love sharks, so this was really fun to play! Surprisingly scary at times, can imagine it in VR.  Sound design and graphics are very impressive as well! 

Thanks for playing! As do i, would be crazy and provide even more immersion with VR for sure! Glad you liked this short experiment and congratz you're the first ive seen complete the game. Cheers

I literally coughed during the gameplay video, because I was so tensed and gasping for air, this was ABSOLUTE 100% immersive and scary! 

The best qualities of the game are...EVERYTHING! I had no issue with the game, frame rate was fantastic, scaling, visuals, no lagging, absolutely brilliant and immersive.

I have actually seen both sharks and dolphins in real life and I could say that the movement of the sharks was great. (Just want to point out, that below someone wrote that the movement was like "dolphins" and no offense to them, but they clearly have not seen sharks in real life). 

Can't wait for another masterpiece! Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏


Thanks glad you enjoy it, just a short experimental project i decided to finally finish up upon, you definately gotta use the hiding areas and only exit and continue when not seen or it can be brutally hard. But i guess it makes sense, can't outrun a shark either in real life. Cheers


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This was a cool horror game about running away from sharks and hiding from sharks. The atmosphere of the game was amazing and I liked how there were different types of fish and corals in the game. The only thing that was mind-boggling for me was how the shark moves in the game XD. The movement of the sharks reminded me of dolphins instead XD. I did not manage to complete the game as I wasn't really sure about how to hide in the crevices of the tunnels. However, I enjoyed the game and liked the idea of the game being a found footage kind of game as it adds on to the horrifying atmosphere of the game.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

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Thanks for playing! Hiding in crevices is explained in the beginning of the game and you can hide right there as well. Not really sure about what you mean with the animations. Anyway thanks!

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