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This game made me feel like I was in danger at all times lol. Very nicely done, and I do hope to see more projects from you!



Thanks for playing the game was recently updated to have the creature roam the upper section of the game and more! Cheers! Glad you enjoyed the game.


aw no need to thank me lol. Thank YOU for making such a good game!😁


This was pretty awesome, terrifying, made my skin crawl
I love games that look like old VHS tapes lol 
I personally prefer horror games that don't have real objectives and just walk you through a few places with a bunch of jumpscares but I still really liked this

Thanks for playing, I value atmosphere over "cheap" jumpscares and not really a fan of cheap tactics, glad you enjoyed the game either way!

This game is the best inde game I have ever played the scares are the best and the thrill of the sewer was great I hope you keep making games. If you have not played this game you will miss out

Thanks for the nice words, I have created other games if you are interested,, Sure will keep creating! Thanks again!

This game did atmosphere and low visibility really well! Amazing job! Had trouble finding the key so I have to give this another try! This was the first game in the video!

Thanks for playing hope you manage to get the good ending and be sure to grab v1.1 as i updated the game a bit. Cheers!

This game is absolutely phenomenal. Took a bit of trial and error on my part to figure out the good ending, but I loved every second of this game! Genuinely creepy! I managed to get both endings in this playthrough:


Glad you enjoyed my game, I actually recently updated it to have the creature roam the upper section of the game and more!

Хоррор в духе фильмов VHS  поглощает сильной атмосферой клаустрофобии. Буду рад любой поддержке в виде просмотра или подписки. Спасибо ! / Thanks for watching !

Thanks for playing, appreciate it!

This is really fun and scary to play. I like the cheap jumpscare. Nice job doing this game.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Very good short horror game, was unsure how to get the good ending though

Thanks for playing! Hope you manage to get the good ending, there are quite a bit of videos showing how to get it if you are stuck!


Thanks for playing and for your feedback! The game was recently updated!

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Had A great Time Playing this.  The Audio was spot on and the scares were  good, The bad ending really made me panic. 

will definetly check out your other games!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! The game was actually updated recently so now the creature roams the upper section of the game and more!

Damn this game was so horrifying and beautiful jump-scares. Congrats 

@ Azaxor deserve 100/100  it gives me the Vibes like Outlast

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it, hope you manage to get the good ending as well, I enjoyed your play through!

I only managed the Bad ending but hey why make it easy for folks watching :) leave them something to discover for themselves 


Thanks for playing! I updated the game to v1.1 if you wanna try it again and try get the good ending as well!

These types of games are the scariest and this one delivers!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback, Glad you managed to get both endings! I updated the game to v1.1 if you wanna try it again!

Thanks for playing Bruuger!

Thanks for playing Zombiepeter!

No problem Azaxor! Thanks for a surprising gem. Just when I thought it was done there always seemed to be more haha. Getting the good ending was a real challenge. Thank you once again!

Thanks for playing CJUGames!

Nice work with the atmosphere and the light use of jump scares. :) 


Thanks for the feedback and for playing, i actually just updated the game to make it more difficult and even more creepy, since now the AI patrols around in the upper section of the game and more. Cheers!

Then I'm going to need something more than a camera. A shotgun will be good I think :)


Unfortunately no weapons in the update haha.

I like the atmosphere and the whole gameplay. Too bad I got the bad ending but hey, I can still rerun the game.
I will rate the game 8/10!!

P.S. when I checked the creator's profile, I actually was able to play 2 of his games. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the game! I have 3 other games released here Deep Rest demo, Perdita, Forgotten School & Trapt! I actually just updated TRAPT so if you want to experience it again to get the good ending i highly recommend to do so!

hi, big thx for the very good game. greetings from rosti

Thanks for playing Rosti!

Pretty cool


Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Really creepy game. Reminds me a lot of Vanish.  I hope you're ready for views, cause i'm sure Markiplier will be playing this. Nice job.

I'll be honored, just posted a little update to the game. Thanks for the nice words and for playing!

Thanks for playing UltimaximWolf! ( All endings )

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Thanks for playing Schauerland!  ( All endings )

Thanks for playing Rostiger Rentner!

While I like the game for the claustrophobic feel, I wish the  bad end area had an escape (that does not activate when you see it the first time before the monster) that at least gave the players a chance to run away before the monster breaks the ladder steps.

Either that or several holes that drops the player into the bad end area trap like since once you sign the obvious signs of danger at that one drop, you tend to avoid it.

Besides that, it's a good game. (Note: I'm naturally the curious type. So me ignoring bad end signs tends to be the path most traveled for me)

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for playing! If i had more time i would definitely expanded the bad ending area and created cut scenes + more diverse game play stuff. Cheers!

All endings by Neco The Sergal! Thanks for playing!

Some many many...

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Thanks for playing and for your feedback wish i had time to polish and do more with the game but as I'm working on my main title I cant, the game was created in 2 weeks btw, hope you manage to try again and get the good ending though as it adds a lot more game play to the game! Cheers.

Thanks for playing Nokzen!

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Well took me long enough to make a video, I played this yesterday but I couldn't get the good ending, I was up to the keycard door, I entered but I didn't see anything until today I realized there was a ladder leading to outside, I'm stupid lmao (Thanks to Alpha Beta Gamer). Either way nice game loved the outlast aesthetic, not common to see a game like yours. I wish there was at least a tiny cutscene when you escape the sewers but I know this game only took you a few weeks to make. Overall great game, gonna give you a follow hope to see more great content btw I got both endings.

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Thanks for your feedback and for playing! I am glad you managed to get both endings! Good you found the ladder! Yeah i ideally wanted to make a scene with a street view and a cut scene but just didn't have the time as I'm currently working on my first Steam release AKAI NOROI Anyway glad you enjoyed the game! BTW The night vision might remind people of Outlast, but i swear all my inspiration really came from my fear of being trapped in sewer tunnels and my love of the 90s and retro games!

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I will definitely check out your game when it releases! I really did thought your game was inspired by Outlast but either way no problem, I enjoyed your game (BTW I just checked your profile out and I just noticed that you were the creator of Forgotten School, never got to make a video on that, but just wanted to let you know, that it was a nice game as well).


Be sure to add it to your wish-list if you want to! I can see why people would think it is anyway thanks man, I appreciate it a lot!


A great play through by Alpha Beta Gamer featuring both endings!
Thanks for playing!

Max Horror channel, thanks for playing!

Show post...


Thanks for playing, glad you found the game creepy and enjoyed it! Hope you will find the other ending as well!

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

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Glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for your play through! I might do a developer walk through on how to get the good ending since so far only one has gotten it! BTW you were close just needed to sneak past the sleeping guy and you will find a door. Cheers!

Thank you so much  i'm glad you liked it :) , thanks for the tips i will give it another try for the good ending .

Awesome! Hope you manage to get it this time and thank you!

It was an amazing experience for me! I do not like sewers especially when it comes to horror games, but this was interesting. I couldn't get the good ending so I decided to get the bad ending which I knew from the beginning.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I enjoyed watching! Hope you manage to get the good ending as well! You are right in the bones indicate to not go down in the tunnels! You are supposed to get some keys and key card to progress and you have to sneak past the sleeping homeless guy.

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I see! It was possible to go past the sleeping homeless guy. I thought I had to take the "dangerous" route. Anyways, I'll go check the good ending!

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when I reach a spot I can't return, I know I screwed up. was not expecting the enemy to be that, I thought it's more of a paranormal type. I love it!

There are multiple dangers, I find it kinda funny people immediately go down in the sewers when the objective is to escape, and there is clues to not go down there haha. Thanks for playing glad you like it!

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I love how game seemingly contains only one specific threat (ghosts), but soon it becomes clear that this is not the case... That was a well-made experience!

Thanks for playing and glad you like it!

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From Not A Player: Well done horror! off I go to find the other ending!
Good Ending.

Thanks for your feedback & for playing!

Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

I really loved the atmosphere in the game as it keeps me on my toes, not knowing whether there could be any enemies or monsters that could suddenly appear or start chasing me out of the blue. The only problem I have with the game so far is maybe the lack of character interaction like some voice acting from the protagonist himself as I believe that having some voice acting from the protagonist would bring the players deeper into the game and understand the protagonist's view of being in the dark sewers by himself with strange things happening around him. Furthermore, I would like the game more if I knew where the enemy was coming from so that I can avoid it I guess.

Thank you for reading my comment :).

Thank you for  your feedback & for playing! The reason there is no voice acting is the game was created in a couple of weeks, furthermore the creature in the game only appears one place, and there is a lot of clues of where not to go in the game for it not to happen. Most of the dangers come from fire, electricity or the homeless sleeping guy stabbing you if you wake him up like you accidentally did in the end. Not sure if you managed to get the good ending but hope you will try again!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for playing & for your feedback! I posted your other play through with the good ending here as well!

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