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Worth the short playtime and it did well establishing the power of the unknown towards the end. Thank you for making this!


OFF  the Bat. Black and White Horror games give me the Creeps. I loved that throughout the whole game the Light Housekeeper has a look of regret. Definitely is a Great Game. 

I tried making a video on it, however i failed because the text was too slow for me and at the end i couldnt sleep?


A decent attempt at a  Lovecraftian horror game. The gameplay is very simple and there isn't a lot to it, and the ending is somewhat sudden, but I liked the grainy old-time movie visuals. It's worth showing the dev a bit of support, so give the game a shot.


I loved the Lighthouse! This is one of the best inspired games for that movie I have seen :)

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This definitely hit the nail on the head for the Lovecraft, because it was so chilling and creepy right from the start! I didn't see the ending happening! I thought for sure it wouldn't happen the way it did! Great game! 

Nice Game!

Before Dawn is a short and fishy little game with some decent atmosphere going on. While some of the models felt a tad simple(I think the lighthouse was a castle tower?), the overall layout of the island looked pretty good. Evil fish demons aside, I'd live there.

Good job, devs.

Bem curto, mas interessante. 

Such an awesome game! I wish I was able to kill that cthulhu, but I'm just an apprentice!

Gameplay and opinions below:

WOW IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS!!!       Before Dawn | Gameplay

Honestly, this was an enjoyable experience all around. It was short, but it was, like I said, really enjoyable. The end was sudden, but good. Keep up the good work!

I streamed this along with 2 other short indie horror games. I loved the visuals on this game. I wish there was more of a story to explore and learn before the end of the game though but overall I enjoyed this game.

Cosmic horror is some of the best horror one can experience! Good stuff!


The was a short and creepy little game. Keep it up! 

The visuals were really neat, great job :)

Interesting playthrough, couple parts were a little odd, but man was it so visually appealing! 

Confusing Lovecraft Indie Horror.. hmm. Random Scary Games


Can be this any longer?

Interesting game, enjoyed it!!

Would love to see you participate in my Game Jam!

This was dope! Keep up the amazing work!


very nice game! sub my channel!

That was a fun game. I really liked the way you built up to the end, I was originally thinking you were creating a story of the depression and madness of being a lighthouse keeper. I was not expecting to see an eldritch horror appear at the end, kind of expecting ritual sacrifice.

Loved the game, keep up with the cool ideas.

Definitely has a brilliant look to it, but I was disappointed in how the story wrapped up so quickly.

 nice game

It's a nice game and I really appreciate the art style. It really helps sell the story. Nice job as always Azaxor.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


This game was pretty good. Really liked the art style and liked how it got very creepy towards the end there. Made a video on it.

I was just wondering if you had put out any games recently so i came and checked, and was happily surprised to find a new one from you! Crazy timing, haha. That was a nice chill experience. I played it at 230am so it was a good one to end the night with. Thanks, dude! Always glad to see a new game from you!

A friend sent me this game to play! Good job, and keep up the good work!

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Pretty good! The atmosphere seems creepy enough for me. The black & white color combined with film grain really get that vintage vibe to it. I'm expecting the creature at the end to be some sort of weird abomination monster and not just a floating giant squid, but still good nonetheless.

Great game the atmosphere and graphic style are amazing 


Looks great feels great plays great, and in summary GREAT GAME!

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Once again we have an excellent job here. The inspiration coming from the movie "The Lighthouse" is almost undeniable here. And it even added elements of Lovecraftian horror. Impressive! Congratulations for your work.

I’m amazed how quickly the captain got down from the lighthouse to his house 🤣

Very cool Lovecraftian style horror game. I would like to see this expanded and made into a longer game.

Great looking game. The black and white with the old-time video effect really made this game something different.

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Absolutely Phenomenal!

Ingenious design. Fair to say, the game takes a huge inspiration from "The Lighthouse", although at the same time keeps the pacing and atmosphere so simple, relaxed, less tense, but, the true horror lies behind the task, behind the façade, which is written and executed as I would say the best "Lighthouse themed" game in the past few years and I have played plenty, as I am fan of Lovecraftian horror. 

I would add, Sir Bancroft is that NPC, which you will never forget as a player and that old looking, raw footage of the game is key to the success of the game. 

I have no bigger words to describe this game, due to lack of my vocabulary, it's just superlative to all the other games, which you have created. The experience in unforgettable, the eeriness is smoothing decay for any player towards madness and addictiveness to the story. 

I was waiting for the unique game from you, after "Okiku" and you did not disappoint. Bravo Azaxor, Bravo! 

Edit: Seagulls wee done fantastically, I've never seen bird animations like that on the indie market. 


Glad you enjoyed the game, the atmosphere and the overall experience, the game is loosely inspired by the movie "The Lighthouse" so that's spot on. I wanted to make something with the same feel as the movie, but with its own story and spin off on it and a more lovecraftian story and vibe with some foreshadowing and secrets hidden here and there and a more slow burn narrative focused game compared to my usual stealth / survival horror games. Cheers and thanks for all the nice words! If you haven't btw checkout my main project Residuality on Steam launching later this year!


I love "The Lighthouse" and I did see some similarities, besides the black and white coloring and art direction. You did really proved yourself to be more than "stealth horror" VHS type of developer with this being completely different range and tone. 
I did not know about your Steam game, I will for sure check that one out. Currently, I am working on my own project, so I was unable to record this and show it on my channel, because it would need editing, but I enjoyed it personally. 
Good Luck with the future games Azaxor! Cheers! 


Thanks I appreciate all the feedback and support! Be sure to check it out, awesome I wasn't aware you were a dev as well,likewise, good luck and thanks for being so quick to check out my projects! 

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