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Story ⚫

You've arrived for your apprenticeship at a island where you will live and work for a old lighthouse keeper and experienced sailor.      

He says most men don't make it before dawn comes and they've all quit due to the isolation here and atmosphere driving most people insane.

⚫ Before dawn is a short black and white noir movie styled lovecraftian horror title.


Movement = WASD

RUN = Left shift




ZOOM = Right mouse button



Best played in 1920x1080 resolution.

PS4 / XboxOne Controller Support - Connect before executing the game and it will auto detect input at launch. Due to auto detection you must disconnect controller before launching if you want Keyboard&Mouse.

You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options.

You can view / edit controls inside the game through ESC > Controls.

Created by Aza Game Studio.


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Played this in my Indie Games Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6GZ6HI90fY&ab_channel=FadedGamin


breaking through the waves another lighthouse creepily ponders the existential questions of survival and alone mustering the fearful guize of horror through insanity

fanciful withdrawls imposing darkness under horizons of distant objects conversing quietly through the static waves crashing

knowledge seeking misguided sacrifice narrowly traversed

Full game (uncommented)

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The story telling was pretty cool and the note being as a hint towards the Captain being under the creature's influence was a nice little foreshadowing. The ambience was also very creepy!

The game atmosphere is cool

I liked the atmosphere & the story of the game.👍

Also, I don't know why but for some reason I found the ending kinda funny.😂


good atmospher


Creo que podrían mejorar un poco la mobilidad y sensibilidad del mouse, pero la ambientación es espectacular. Los puzzles son pequeños pero interesantes. En general me gustó mucho el juego, lo recomiendo a todos.
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Thanks for making this awesome game and  not locking it behind a paywall.Ill probably support when I start earning till then as a fan of lovecraftian work this is one of the games I truly love


You are welcome and thanks for playing!

Отличная игра, но хочется больше :)

great work on this one. Loved the artstyle... We aren't the best at video games so ignore us missing the bell for a long time haha! 

Does anyone remember Scatman John? This game reminded me of the Scatman for very little reason. However, H.P. Lovecraft horror is some of the best kind of horror, so thank you for making this. 👍

Comments below clip;

There's something about islands and those that live on them. This game follows that logic to a tee.  The sanity of the first moment, suddenly turns into a raving frenzy, where lunacy reigns as the new overlord of the new normal...

You might want to give it a try :o]

The atmosphere and the visuals of the game are

great but the last part is a bit abrupt, but still a good game!

This was really cool. Loved the look and feel of it. I almost ended early because I hadn't died until near the end and thought that was the end. :)


loved this game so much but anything to do with hp lovecraft is amazing in my books but i loved everything about the game by it starts at 17:40


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 🙏


What a beautiful game this is!! The ending did feel very rushed . I wish theyre were more creepy stuff with the caption before the end but  this game is so lovely.  Great job!  Your game starts at  20:01


The games fine as another Lovecraftian Horror, It's very slow paced a bit interactive and wonky at some times. But love how big the fishes are. Would have liked it more if there was a bit of lore regarding the contract of the captain and the Cthulhu like being but still liked it none the less.

Right stick sensitivity was frustrating on the spiral staircase but otherwise I really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this! I think it was a bit short, and there could have been a bit more lore but you had some nice ideas, I loved the old movie roll look and the gameplay was super smooth. It's such a small thing but especially with fetch quests involved it's so nice to be fast, I was zooming around the island :D


Worth the short playtime and it did well establishing the power of the unknown towards the end. Thank you for making this!


OFF  the Bat. Black and White Horror games give me the Creeps. I loved that throughout the whole game the Light Housekeeper has a look of regret. Definitely is a Great Game. 

I tried making a video on it, however i failed because the text was too slow for me and at the end i couldnt sleep?


A decent attempt at a  Lovecraftian horror game. The gameplay is very simple and there isn't a lot to it, and the ending is somewhat sudden, but I liked the grainy old-time movie visuals. It's worth showing the dev a bit of support, so give the game a shot.


I loved the Lighthouse! This is one of the best inspired games for that movie I have seen :)

Full Play No Commentary 


This definitely hit the nail on the head for the Lovecraft, because it was so chilling and creepy right from the start! I didn't see the ending happening! I thought for sure it wouldn't happen the way it did! Great game! 

Nice Game!

Before Dawn is a short and fishy little game with some decent atmosphere going on. While some of the models felt a tad simple(I think the lighthouse was a castle tower?), the overall layout of the island looked pretty good. Evil fish demons aside, I'd live there.

Good job, devs.

Bem curto, mas interessante. 

Such an awesome game! I wish I was able to kill that cthulhu, but I'm just an apprentice!

Gameplay and opinions below:

WOW IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS!!!       Before Dawn | Gameplay

Honestly, this was an enjoyable experience all around. It was short, but it was, like I said, really enjoyable. The end was sudden, but good. Keep up the good work!

I streamed this along with 2 other short indie horror games. I loved the visuals on this game. I wish there was more of a story to explore and learn before the end of the game though but overall I enjoyed this game.

Cosmic horror is some of the best horror one can experience! Good stuff!


The was a short and creepy little game. Keep it up! 

The visuals were really neat, great job :)

Interesting playthrough, couple parts were a little odd, but man was it so visually appealing! 

Confusing Lovecraft Indie Horror.. hmm. Random Scary Games

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