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Thanks for playing dcmqr!

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[Click 'view rest' and scroll down for the Youtube Playthrough]

Hey Azaxor, thanks for making this game for us to play. I have some criticisms for this game and I hope you don't mind the negative review, I just can't help but feel that maybe most people on are being incredibly lenient and not entirely truthful in their criticisms because of concerns over their reputation as content creators. I'm going to be 100% honest and hopefully you can spare 25 minutes to watch and understand what I mean but I will write down my major complaints here just in case you don't have the time.

I apologize for the negative criticism but I wholeheartedly believe you have it in you to create amazing games, I just don't want you to be lead astray by superficial feedback that tell you the game is amazing just because you gave them what they needed to make a video.



Unique Environment

Heavy Atmosphere

Varied Sound Effects sprinkled throughout that make the game feel alive.


The gameplay is nonexistent, you don't do anything but hunt for keys.

Unless you come across the ghost on the bench early, you could end up wandering around the map for a long time without understanding what to do.

The ghost talking really casually ruins any tension that might have been built.

The lockbox combination requiring a code and that code being '666' is a bit corny in my opinion.

The map is huge, and there's nothing to do in it.

There is no reason to hide in the lockers.

The VHS filter is really thick, heavy, and made my eyes hurt after about 20 minutes of gameplay.

The monster showing up immediately after entering a genuinely interesting area (The Church) was a huge bummer because I wanted to know more about the cult.

The gameplay flow is very predictable.

For visual proof of these issues, please watch the video. The video is 25 minutes long but you can skip to 20:25 for my final thoughts.

Thanks again, and I can't wait to see what you do next. 

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Thanks for the very long and detailed feedback while I don't agree with everything you said i appreciate the honesty. I am however not being lead astray or anything these games I release on Itch are just short experiments for fun I know they are not that amazing and could be Improved a lot, my more serious big projects I save for Steam or elsewhere. None the less I appreciate you spending your time and going in depth! Great to see, so thank you for that! Cheers

Really glad to see how you feel. A lot of the things I say are from personal experience so I understand your disagreements and I'd be happy to discuss if you're ever up for it. I'm also very happy to hear that you put more into your steam games, I'll definitely have to check them out. 

In my opinion, creators such as yourself put a lot of time and effort into their games and then release them on platforms like this for free so I feel that the least we can do as content creators is provide some detailed feedback.

Again, thanks for the game and I look forward to what you're currently working on.

Loved the game, wish it was longer

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed!

This game surprised me how good it was. You hav realt talent my friend I really want to see what else you can do. Please keep on creating games. 

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! Cheers

Happy to and above all had fun thank you for letting myself and everyone play your game. 

Excellent Job! This game is fabulous!

Thank you very much!

You're Welcome!

Really loved the atmosphere and style of the game! Super creeped out throughout playing it! Great work! 

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed the game! 

Thanks for playing Colonel  Steeve!

Thanks for playing Disco Dracula!

Game has been updated.

Due to people missing the stealth mechanics, I've added a hint in the loading screen and in the beginning of the game, you can hide in lockers found both outside on the sides of the church and one inside, when you are hidden you will see a eye icon with a line through it. Thanks for playing and for your support everyone! Cheers.

interesting short horror game. Couldn't escape, I think I bugged it but enjoyed it for the most part. 

Thanks for playing! Nah, you just need to hide in the lockers during the encounters, theres lockers outside and inside the church. Anyway thanks again! Cheers

ah i was trying that but it just seems like he was in my body lol

No worries as Long as the hide eye icon is on screen you are safe haha :)

Very cool atmosphere. Couldn't for the life of me find out how to progress.

Thanks for playing, you can hide in lockers, hope this helps.

This game is exactly what I hoped it would be. Oozing with creepy atmosphere, like something out of a Hammer Horror film. Who doesn't want to spend a dark, stormy night in a gothic graveyard haunted by an otherworldly presence? 

Well done, sir. Well done!

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for playing!

The screen is hard to see

Thanks for feedback and thanks for playing!

This game scared the crap out of me and I love the 90's style. I enjoyed so much of this game and you should really make another game with the 90's style :)


Thanks for playing! Oh i do have more in similar style Checkout Catacombia, crawlerphobia & TRAPT. Cheers!

Yet another great game by this dev! Some light puzzle solving presented in a way that facilitates exploring the map and finding some cool secrets and details. Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience! Great work! 


Thanks for playing as always, the hiding icon you saw means you can hide inside lockers. They are located both inside and outside the church. Cheers!

I really enjoyed this game and only found one major issue - opening that darn lockbox.. There's really no indicator of where I should click to open it so I had to fiddle with it every time I tried.

I thought there was an issue with trying to escape the monster at the end but, it turns out I just didn't see the locker inside the church. After I hid in it, I was able to complete the game (although the monster was a bit pushy and wouldn't let me get into the locker at first xD).

I liked the atmosphere, the music/sounds, the visual style, and all the little details I found while exploring the cemetary (had fun reading those inscriptions).  I played one of your other games, "Not All There," and must say I really enjoy what I've seen so far. Looking forward to more!


Thanks for the detailed feedback and thanks for playing, more games are coming for sure. Thanks again!

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Hey! First of all, I really liked the visual style. The darkness in this game feels SO real! I was jumping every time the lightning hits - cause you can see how creepy the things around are. Also it's so much fun cause usually if a game is dark it's just annoying cause you can't see anything. But here, you actually can see stuff, and sometimes it's not what it is! I was mistaking statue silhouettes for demons etc and it was SOOOOO scary. 

There are a few problems tho, and it really destroys all the pleasure... first one - it took me like 5minutes to figure out how to open the lockbox (after I used the key)... I was just lucky to hit that point you have to click in order to open it...
And the other thing is the gargoyle at the end - I couldn't just escape it. It's faster than me... and it was very annoying that I couldn't see the finale... 
I'd like to see more games from you in the future, tho. Good luck! And thank you!

Hey, Thanks for the detailed feedback and glad you enjoyed the game, during the 2 encounters in the game with the enemy you are actually supposed to hide in the lockers. This should help you get the ending.

What a cool game! I love gothic horror and, this game in particular nails the most critical element: atmosphere. The combination of dark, foreboding visuals and powerful soundtrack bring this relatively small area to life, making it feel endless, isolating and terrifying. There were very few moments where I didn’t feel like an ominous presence was watching me, and every tombstone reminded me how alone I was. This is truly fantastic work; you did so much with so little! Highly recommended! 

Thank you so much and thanks for playing!

I liked it! I found the monster to be very well done and super scary but also felt a bit too difficult to escape in moments. I loved creepy atmosphere and environment and all of the unsettling things happening around me. And I love these VHS style horror games. Well done! 

Thanks for playing and for feedback, there is stealth mechanics you can hide in the lockers inside and outside the church that should make it easier to escape the creature! Thanks!

Thanks for playing Jacky Lanto!

Really enjoyable. I really like the effects.

Hey, thanks for playing enjoyed your play through, I should probably have put a notification about it in game but did put the info up on the site here, but anyway you can hide in the lockers from the enemy indicated by the eye icon when you enter them.

Thanks again!

Thanks for playing Max Horror!

Creepy atmosphere great job 

Thank you and thanks for playing!

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it was pretty hard to see but then again it's a found footage game, took me a while to realize that when you open the coffin that's when the monster activates, over all it was neat, good work :)

Thanks for playing, first encounter activates when the bell rings actually plus you can hide in the lockers both outside and inside the church! Cheers

Show post...

my bad ending ah :D good

Still! Thanks for playing the game!

Damn , so cool!

I am a huge fan of the VHS style games, especially the horror games! 

The graphics are great, the audio is really good too. But what really shines in this game is the actual gameplay and the short but nice story! The subtle scares are plenty and amazing! There are so many moments where you are not quite sure of what you saw, which is a great way of building atmosphere!

There has clearly been but a lot of effort into this project with the scares and with the small messages on the gravestones! I find it really funny that you cared to add yourself to the gravestones haha :D

The only criticism I have is the fact that the game is a little short. It has such a great standard, that you just keep wanting more!

Anyway, a clear 5/5 from me! Great work!



Thanks for all the feedback and I'm pleased to know you enjoyed the game although it is a short experience. Thanks for taking the time to explore the game world too and finding all the little secrets, btw if you look around you can find cultists and ghosts watching you from the hills etc.

If you want wish-list my main title Catacombia 90s VHS Found Footage Survival Horror in Paris Catacombs!

Thanks again!


I think I already have haha


Haha awesome! Thanks :) I have a couple more free games coming but until then.. Cheers!


Thanks for playing! Cheers.

I liked the 90's visual VHS look of the game. It reminds a lot of horror films from that time. The game is also interesting. Kudos and keep it up!

A big fan of 80s/90s horror movies as well! Thanks I Will, glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for playing LouisGalaxoz! 

It was short but very sastifying! good  work

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the game!


Pretty cool game, man. I'm always interested in found footage games so this was cool to check out. I was lost for a little bit but that just gave me more time to explore the cemetery haha. Thanks for the fun!

Thanks for playing and for always checking out my games! Just a note, you can hide in the lockers! Cheers man.

Thanks for playing as always Alpha Beta Gamer!

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