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Story ⚫

Lost within a deep underground cave system you come to realize you are not entirely alone, a strange poisonous spore-like infestation has taken over the cave system's depths and is slowly transforming all living organisms in it's path. Now you must survive and find a way out of the claustrophobic disorienting cave system before whatever lurks in the shadows finds you.

⚫ Cavephobia is a 90s VHS Found Footage Survival Horror title with focus on realistic situations, claustrophobia, speluncaphobia and a deep atmosphere. Inspired by cave exploration in real life and movies such as "The Descent".

"Cavephobia also known as speluncaphobia"

"Sometimes the only way out is further down"

⚫ The game auto-saves progress at various points but you can also manually save / load the game at any time from the pause menu.

⚫ The VHS version & HD Cam remake are the same, only the visuals are different.





RUN = Left shift


ZOOM WITH CAMERA = Right mouse button

Q = Grab throw able glow stick - Right mouse button = Throw 



GRAB CHAIN = E - Descend Up & Down = W / D

⚫Best played in 1920x1080 resolution.

⚫PS4 / XboxOne Controller Support - Connect before executing the game and it will auto detect input at launch. Due to auto detection you must disconnect controller before launching if you want Keyboard&Mouse.

⚫You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options.

⚫You can view / edit controls inside the game through ESC > Controls.

⚫Follow me on Itch: https://azaxor.itch.io/

⚫Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AzaGameStudio

Thanks for your support and for playing!

Created by Aza Game Studio.


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Cavephobia Full Game VHS Version v1.1.zip 2 GB
Cavephobia Full Game HD Cam Remake.zip 2 GB

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...g- good is game the... yeah :')

Im not very good at mazes lol! But had me on edge a lot and being absolutely lost didnt really help with that lol! I wound up all the way at the beginning somehow so felt a little annoyed and quit after, but good spooks! Hope you enjoy the video! 

its good the game

I really enjoyed this game! Does a great job inspiring a sense of dread and the claustrophobia is INTENSE, excellent atmosphere overall. The monsters were a bit of a letdown — I think it would have been scarier to just have one terrifying creature pursuing you the whole time. Still, this game seriously freaked me out, awesome work!

I love this game so much! It's very fun!

Very fun! Didn’t think we would find where to go but enjoyed playing this one!

Thanks for playing, glad you managed to escape the deep underground cave system!

is there a way to change the keybinding?

Hello. You can manage keybindings by pressing escape > controls and selecting the fields you want to overwrite.

Thank you! :)

Another fun game :) the weird fart cloud thing scared the heck out of me lol. Here's my video if you wanna check it out

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing TheNerdyNomad! Part 1 and 2!

Honestly, Love the concept, great visuals and way to play. The caves were so confusing to me though. Maybe adding some type of way towards the objective? Or if you were going for the dazed and confused look, well you nailed it lol

made a video on this it was fun and confuzing

Out of every horror game i've laid my hands on thus far into doing youtube, this game managed to make my heart beat faster than this god blessed character can run.

If you watch my video you can easily tell how much this scared me.

Thank you for making such a wonderful little experience

Thanks for playing, glad you found the game terrifying and enjoyed the experience!

Fun, scary, and fast. This game was awesome, I ran like crazy from this huge amount of monsters, I honestly would just remove the water part since you really can't do anything from the giant insect sept for walk slowly to the exit while it tries to sting you to death. I loved the hiding part where you can get away if you are overwhelm from the monsters and environmental danger was a cool ad on too. Yeah great work on the game I can't wait to play what you make next, keep up the great work. Oh I also made a lets play, I hope you guys enjoy.


There's also some hide spots available in the flooded water section in the end and many other places in the game but some are easier to find then others. Thanks for your feedback & for playing! 

Lol I didn't even know there was any there. I just try to run for my life. It was fun and thank you for putting the time and effort into making the game, I honestly enjoyed it.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing

Pretty great, but it did seem to lose its edge by the end. Fewer creatures to fear the further you go.

Seems like you got lucky, the game has 10+ creatures + the boss like one in the end. Thanks for playing anyway.

If Vanish didn't make give you motion sickness, THIS GAME SURE WILL! And if you were scared at one type of monster, THEY GOT EVEN MORE!

 It's like all the things that I hate wrapped into one game. Love it. 10/10 would suffer again

Hey there! Just saw some gamplay of this and love the atmosphere you created, very inspiring! I have about 8 years of music production experience and I would love to produce your music/create the foley needed to push your atmosphere to the next level. If you are ever working on a new project I would love to amplify your mix! 

Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and jeep at it!


Hi, How did you do the vhs effect? I am trying to do it for my game too but I am stuck.

It took a little while but I finally managed to reach the end. That was one hell of an adventure, haha. There's definitely some scary things hiding down in those caves. I had some issues with the frame rate in some spots. It might have been related to one of the glowsticks, or maybe something on my end. Nothing game breaking though. Thank you for another scary-as-hell game! You're one of the best!


Thanks for feedback and for playing as always and congratz on reaching the ending! Just wait till you see what i have in store next! (Hint: going back to my photorealism ways for next project )


this game is scary help me my boys!!!!!! please leave a comment :)

beautiful game! A proposal ... wouldn't it be better to remove the VHS filter from view? the game has great graphics but the VHS kind of spoils it .. it's just a proposition. Good game!

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*EDIT* Cavephobia Full Game HD Cam Remake is now out!

Thanks glad you enjoy it. Well it is intended and a part of my style with the game but what i was thinking about was maybe doing a HD CAM Version ( imagine a newer camera etc ) So it would still make sense story wise. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Great game, man!

As always thanks for playing!


The game's interesting as always. Though I had a point when I respawned after I died, I was instantly spawncamped by the monster. I'd suggest moving those monster away from the player spawn area. Otherwise, decent game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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*EDIT* Check latest balance update
Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback! I'll look into that also remember you can save manually from pause menu so you don't have to rely only on auto, btw the reason there isn't much lore this time around is i focused only on survival horror this time, you do have a navigational compass / coordinates and the different colored glow sticks you can find ( which are from previous explorers who didn't make it ), also there is only 1 ending. None the less, your feedback is very helpful so thanks again! ( Try looking for a chain down in the maze like statue / spore area to progress ).


You find a VHS tape inside a cave. 📼 Play it?

Thanks for playing you we're pretty close to figuring it out, in the maze like room with the spores and statues you need to find a chain going down deeper below, nice job finding the secret mayan temple room. Hope you make it out and have fun!


So you're back after the station game, I will say Thank you for the inspiration I made a game similair to this style and It got just as much attention <3

Glad I could inspire other developers.


Still wating for CATACOMBIA thought!!!

Thanks! you can follow me on Twitter for updates on CATACOMBIA https://twitter.com/AzaGameStudio


This was really scary but also really fun! I made a video so I hope you enjoy it also I managed to accidentally glitched through the ceiling and saw the outside lol it's at 31:05 


That was a glitch indeed, seemed due to the floor changing level / the exact moment you stood up, interesting, at least you didn't fall through anything. Anyway thanks for playing glad you enjoyed, hope you make it out for real!


This Game Is Heat But it Will Be Alot more Scary with Chase Music

Thanks for playing, oh there is music later down below, I wanted to focus on the atmospheric sounds mostly. Cheers

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Minimum specs?

Medium / Decent PC.
You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options.


This game is basically everything I hate rolled up into a well-designed little ball... So very good job hitting on so many fears at once, and thanks for sharing with us!


I was so tense the whole time....   good job, really.


Thanks much appreciated!

Haha glad to provide the hellish entertainment, have fun and hope you manage to make it out!

Thanks for playing Max Horror!

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I did not expect this!!!
What a grand, delicious piece of cake this game is!!
Wonderfully executed visuals, tensed atmosphere, well-done mechanics and most of all the unbelievable eerie atmosphere, I mean, what else do you want in a horror game! 
This has been a great experience, you can definitely see me being jumped by the monster on many occasions in the playthrough. I loved the sound design too, even thou at some point I could not hear the monster, even when it was close. 
The cave systems are a little bit tricky, I guess that's the difficult part of the game and it's subjective to review, so, besides that, really superb game. I will try to finish the game on my own, really looking forward to some more action, rather than just being chased. 
Keep going with your work Azaxor, good good good! 

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Thanks for playing! Yeah Ive put a lot of work into the environment and mechanics. It is a bit hard but like you said thats part of the design, you do have a compass and some navigational coordinates, the idea is to use the different glow sticks you find to mark areas etc. Btw the map is a lot bigger then what you've explored so far and there is actually 10 variants of monsters including a boss deep below and ofc many other dangers. Hope you manage to make it to the end cutscene. Cheers! Have fun :)