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El juego debería llamarse "Jumpscare 77". Muy bien hecho. Recomendadísimo

Buen juego, y buena la tension que genera

There was some good jumpscares in this!

After Urbex Alone, i decided to play another of your horror games and thought to try this one. 
Defo looking forward for more games from you!
Found all 3 endings & I loved the instant eerieness. The jumpscares got me good too! Here is my playthrough, with final thoughts at the end! 

Thanks for playing once again, glad you enjoyed Grainwind Incident 77!

yo man why you closed your channel

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long story, I have a new one now. FYI a hacker closed it

new link?

thanks! :)

A hacker closed my channel. 

sorry to hear

I still have a new channel, which is going well

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

juego muy bueno, realmente es terrorfico

duracion de gameplay de 30 a 40 mins aprox

ambientacion muy buena, los constantes sonidos te mantienen alerta y con miedo de que algo te saltara a la pantalla en cualquier momento

100% recomendado 

I re
German LP!

I really liked the atmosphere of that game!

Keep it going!

Dastan Gamepla

My playthrough of your game

Nice horror game, the First Jumpscare got me.

Атмосферно и страшно.

great game

Easily one of the best-looking horror games I have played! I will absolutely have to buy the others and play them!

Amazing graphics and atmosphere! Had a helluva time finding the different endings

Amazing game! You definitely got me a few times, and i had a blast playing it :) heres my playthrough ->


The game has been updated to v1.4

You can view current version number on the main menu. Changelog below:

Thanks for playing Markiplier!

To start off: I love the premise of your series, I am a huge found footage fan in all horror formats. I think your subtle scares are fantastic, those glimpsed terrors are beautifully done. I do think they are overshadowed by the jumpscares, it’s a personal taste thing but I think the game would work better without them since the overall atmosphere is so well done. 

Also, I completely got stuck after the candles, I did not know where to go. And I encountered a weird bug where returning to the menu and back to the game resulted in me being stuck and not able to move forward. 

That being said, I will totally give the other episodes of this series a try even if I suck at urban exploring :D

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Thanks for playing all issues are addressed and a new build is being deployed shortly. If you are interested in trying the other titles in the series you can grab them all in a bundle currently & Save 21%


Hi there, I did figure that you are the kind of dev who works those things out, the whole series feels so professional, glad to hear that there will be an update. 

I already picked the school game for the next one because I love that environment. Thanks about the bundle info, but your games are so affordable, I'll gladly pay the 100% :) 


I try to fix all i can in due time as fast as possible. Thanks I appreciate that, it is actually already out :)

Awesome, thanks for your support! If you wish Itch provides a function to donate a few extra bucks when you buy something. Cheers hope you enjoy the other titles in the series!


Awesome game :) I can't wait to play the others 

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Thank you! You can find the other titles in the Incident tape series right here:

Exclusive bundle available for the next 10 days grab the entire series for 7$ save 21%!

I loved the environment and the jumpscares and...well...all of it! The crouching under boards wasn't working for me, but I'll definitely be back for more!

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Glad you enjoyed the game! You need to go prone / crawl by pressing C to crawl under there.  Since so many people never read the controls I will do a update and add some hints in some places. Thanks for playing!

Great Game! Not too long, but scary enough.

Great GAME! Amazing atmosphere and game design!

This game is scary af.

this game got me so many times! loved the atmosphere and mystery surrounding the place. can't wait to play  the next one!

not gonna lie this game scared the WIND out of me awesome job!

Great Work. Mega gruselig und gute Story ..

Good Game! It was strange and different and I enjoyed it. Loved the ending we got.

Great GAME! Amazing atmosphere and game design!

Gameplay BR:

i love this game 

I jumped like 4 times, I dont jump very often lmao

Full Play No Commentary 

Gameplay BR

This game made me feel extremely claustrophobic. I thought a lot of the sounds were taking place outside my headphones. 10/10.

Increible juego, realmente una experiencia aterradora, perfecto para jugar cuando estas solo y en la oscuridad, te aseguro que te sacara mas de un susto

Amazing Game!

Really nice game! The atmosphere was super creepy, the sounds were scary and the scares really got me! Good job (: 

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