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Absolutely loved it,  gave my Russian a** the feels and by the end I forgot that I was just playing a demo 😂 a lot of great spoopy stuff and nostalgia in there, can't wait for the full launch! (Ignore me being mad at myself for a bit because I was too stupid to find one of the keys)

Covered as game 4 in "4 Scary games Episode 30"

I thought that your game was fantastic - great graphics and awesome story/gameplay.  Really enjoyed it!

Interesting game

That was different. But fun at same time. Can't wait to see what other changes come soon.

Interesting game, bloody weird monster! 

I really like your horror game! This atmosphere was so creepy and the souls movement and the time she appeared made me so surprised  and scream! Haha! I wonder if the soul was only one and why they were lingering around. Maybe because she couldn't eat her last meal?XD

Amazing Demo! Cant wait for the game!

Cool creepy game.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

This definitely scared the crap out of me quite a few times, but I also couldn't resist dancing with the ghost when I got to the bedroom! This is definitely a game though that I can't wait to play the full version of! 


Thanks i might do a little update down the line for the demo to make it even more creepy, glad you are excited for the full version of the game and thanks for playing!

I can't wait to see updates! And of course! Thanks for making such a fun experience

The game has now been updated to v1.2

You are welcome!

Let's goooooo! 

Pretty solid Horror Game, I only wish we got a little more Jump Scares but great Game overall.

Here's my Gameplay: 

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

No problem!

great game i enjoyed it

Glad you enjoyed the prologue demo of Lingering Souls! More to come!

How dare our sister haunt us! I enjoyed your game! It was creepy but didn't really scare me haha. I can't wait for the full release!

I did hold back a little since its just the prologue demo but for sure the full game will scare you! Thanks for playing!

Can't wait!!


Update v1.2 out now!

Thank you for the update!! I'll do an updated playthrough for the channel!!

This Game made me want to free my Step-Sister's hand from the dryer... I Enjoy making jokes and having fun with Horror games rather then being scared, This game is what I consider perfect, It's Spooky, Scary, Creepy, and has that It Factor.

Thank you so much for all your feedback and hope to see you play the full game!

Can i play the game play and put the video up on my youtube channel

Yes of course, be sure to link the video here!

I will thank you. 

really like the story you're telling here looking forward to the full game 

Thanks glad you are looking forward to the full game!

Great demo, so creepy and I can't wait for a full version. 10/10

Glad you enjoyed this little prologue of Lingering Souls! Thanks for playing!

Great game  had some fun playing it was a little hard to see at some parts and understand but i like to spin off with madison ;) 

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I might update the demo again at some point and add some bonus stuff

You're welcome and awesome looking forward to checking it out ! Keep up the good work 👏 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

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Interested in the full release! however I fell into some issues, performance felt a bit choppy no matter what I tweaked and the fisheye cam wasn't my favorite, also had a particularly hard time finding a certain item that was completely shrouded in darkness so I ended up wandering the house aimlessly for a while.

Perhaps having items be highlighted or a text prompt show up on screen to pick them up would help solve this issue.

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Try turning on Vsync in the pause menu. There is a popup for finding the ring and it tells you Find your sisters ring in this bedroom ( as shown in your video at 09:39 ). The fisheye effect is intentional for increasing immersion. Yes I will add highlights or UI icons for pickups thou I'm trying to keep UI elements to a minimum in the game. Thanks for playing and for feedback glad you are looking forward for the full version!

So scary!

Thanks for playing!

so I gave the game a try, definitely an interesting concept going on! Definitely worth taking a look! 

Glad you enjoyed it hope you will play the full release!

if there’s content to be made… I’ll definitely play! 

great concept for a game, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work!

Thanks for your support and glad you enjoyed it keep up the great videos

Fun and creepy

Thanks and thank you for checking out the prologue!

Fun game, very much looking forward to the full story behind that statue. 


Glad you were intrigued by the story, thank you for playing the Prologue demo of Lingering Souls!

of course! No rush or anything of course but do you have a rough ETA for the finished game?


Rough ETA Q1 2024. Thank you for your support!

Great game, only suggestion is a fisheye/fov slider, otherwise great job!

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for playing!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it! Good work :)


Glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you

J'adore le stress

Thanks for playing!

Gute Demo, macht auf jeden Fall Lust auf mehr. Ich bin gespannt wie die Story weitergeht... keep up the good work!!!

Glad you were intrigued by the story and thanks for playing!

Very fun! But it was choppy when on ultra, my computer should be able to handle it but it would'nt. other then that. Very fun! Keep it up!

What resolution where you playing in and what monitor refresh rate? Try turning on Vsync in the pause menu should alleviate any issues. Thanks for playing!

This game was a great horror experience but way to difficult to find some of the stuff. It is only a demo and I'm excited to see what this will become!


Thanks for your feedback and for playing!

This game was a lot of fun to play, and super creepy as well. They keys were a little hard to find, and a flashlight would have been nice, but aside from that the game looks beautiful and has some amazing potential. Definitely excited for the full release. Incredible job!
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A flashlight is just too boring and overused so this will not be the case for Lingering Souls however the camera will have many extra mechanics in the full game and be utilized in many ways! Appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing glad you are looking forward for the full release!

Sounds awesome. I agree with you, flashlights in horror games are very boring and overused, so all power towards your decision not to use one. Looking forward to see the creative ways the camera can be utilized. Keep up the great work, I’ll definitely be worth it.

An amazing game  with a big potential

I appreciate that!!

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