Nihil Ignis Incident 48 Is now released + Exclusive Bundle info!

Exclusive bundle including latest release Nihil Ignis Incident 48 get all Urbex VHS Found Footage "Incident" Tapes in the series for 7$! Save 21% total OR grab each title separately with 15% Off for a limited time!

Exclusive bundle available only for the next 10 days!


The full Urbex "Incident" Tape series features 4 unique tapes!

The full Urbex VHS Found Footage "Incident" Tape Series is now available as a bundle for a reduced price for a limited time! The next series "The Lost Tapes" will come afterwards featuring 2 titles and there will be 1 standalone title after with completely different gameplay!

Thank you for your support!


Nihil Ignis Incident 48 Full Game Windows 1 GB
Aug 04, 2022

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