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Gran nel gioco teso e ottimo scenario.

Ho fatto un piccolo video perché mi ha colpito da subito. Complimenti.

THAT BUILD UP.......crazy

I had fun playing this and got bamboozled couple times! 10/10

Yo I played ur game a really long time ago but I guess I forgot to post it here to tell you how it was. So I guess better late then never. The Game was really well done but I wanted more of the killer following me.  The story was well done but I wanted to learn more about the story. Great game and keep up the great work.

Wow. I am not scared easily but this... omg! That car & that music, is scary! Brrr! For sure following Aza Game Studio from now on. My gameplay vid:


I very much enjoyed playing this on m,y channel. I am super exited for the extended cut for a bit of context! 

Check out my video here, all my subscribers are really enjoying watching :)

nuff said

Amazing game! This was full of super creepy sounds that thoroughly creeped me out. Also the graphics in this were really good, I was not expecting them to be so high quality. Great lighting too, really upped the creep factor. I followed you so I can keep up on your work. Thanks Azaxor! Your game starts at 26:46. 

Honestly, I liked the guy driving around. Game looks good tbh and theres plenty of potential for you in the future!

Fun and short :)

That was good! I have to say, I liked that it was short too and not a super long confusing game

fun short indie horror game, had a lot of fun, keep up the good work familia!

I was a little confused by where to go to get the power turned off, the scare at the end was pretty nice, I would love to see this game with a little more build up to the garage. Overall it was a nice short little experience so I added it to my video!

Cool little story! As if parking garages were not creepy enough!

great game.visuals are top tier

(start 19:17) Perfetcly normal parking garage...


I had a lot of fun playing this and would love to see an extended cut. It didn't really scare me but, it was very creepy. The sound effects were great especially the creepy breathing sound.

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Loved The GAME!!! This Game Freckin Scared My Dinner Out OF Me....Dont Ask lol

Scared me more than any game up to this point!! I need more!!

I really liked it, it was super atmospheric and you could feel something coming. NGL the steam there at the end screwed me up.

The game was unsettling and very creepy. Overall it was a fun short horror game!!!

Loved it! Lots of really creepy and eerie moments without being obnoxious! You left me in a state!

(start 19:17) A bit weird but also scary!..

I had a great time playing this! Even though it was short it was very well executed and very scary! I can't wait to see more works from you!

Your game it the first game in the video :)

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Damn, short and effective. The audio scares were great and the use of the mist was a great choice! The scares of this game were of the highest quality, as they were not "cheap" and "right in your face", but instead subtle and mysterious! The graphics and game mechanics were good too, but the design and attention to detail is what really made the visuals shine. The bodies and unnecessary yet very immersive details really make you feel like you are actually present.

The car driving around is and odd choice as it is a bit rugged, but does work as a disturbing factor for the game. Perhaps, it would work better if it was a little more natural in it's driving patterns, or perhaps it would chase you, to the best of it's ability of course, as it is in a very small are. 

Other than that, there is nothing much to add to the gameplay itself. Great quality overall! But as you said, the game would really be improved as a whole if the gameplay was extended. I would personally really like to see a chase sequence in the future! Maybe you go through a door, and find yourself in an impossible long hallway, looking much like the interior of the parking cellar. You hear a roaring noise, like the sound of and engine! You look in the direction of the noise, and find yourself blinded by sharp headlights bursting to life. It screeches as it accelerates towards you, and you look for the door in a panic, but as you turn around it is gone. There is nothing but the wall of the rest of the hallway. There is only one choice, run for your life or face certain doom! 

Anyway, that is just my take on the game, I really enjoyed it and hope to see an extended version in the near or distant future! Great work!



Thanks for playing & Thanks for your feedback and ideas, hopefully i will create the extended cut eventually. Cheers!

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hello i downloaded the game and extracted it and open the folder not all there and run the game aplication but a eroor comes that (Not All There has stoped working) plz help

Try extract the game files in a new folder on your desktop, right click and run .exe file as admin and if it still crashes you might just have a too low end PC to run it. Please also provide your hardware specifications.
You can also lower graphic quality settings in the main menu under the options section. Let me know if it helps.

i have windows 10 core i7 4 gb 64 bit still crashing

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I haven't tested on Win 10 so might be due to your OS Win 10 tends to block unknown apps etc, try allow the game exe through your firewall and antivirus as well. Still it should work on Win 10. Please also try the suggestions i suggested above. Sorry. Hope it helps!

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