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Really good game!

I enjoyed my playthrough of the game.

Fantastic game!!! The game looks realistic and scary.

So this was quite fun to play, I thought the graphics looked really good and the atmosphere was quite spooky. Though I will say I kinda expected more actual puzzles (or maybe I'm just dumb and didn't find the actual puzzles if there were any secrets like that) and also some of the keys were quite hard to see. And in my experience with the game, it actually ended up getting progressively funnier because I would just be looking in the wrong direction almost every time a jumpscare happened, I don't know how I managed to do that honestly XD. Basically, a solid horror experience that was fun and creepy but could use a couple of tweaks.

Played this as a scary game with my girlfriend, enjoyed the story and the puzzles, just wish I was better and finding keys! 

Glad you enjoyed it!

It was so scary when the first ghost appeared over the Car in the garage. We were scared to progress in the game and we almost quit the game… But in the end we finished it and we still had fun playing it. It was a nice game! Keep it up!

Glad you guys enjoyed the game, thanks for playing! Cheers.

I quite liked this! The jumpscares were almost too loud, but overall, effective in the good way. The dude flipping me off, was a little silly,out of place. I definitely would like a full game!

I couldn't finish the game. I watched several people play and one of the keys I need, is not there for me.

Thanks for playing, the key is there, it spawns in one of the dolls hands in the small house after the events occur there. Try look at them again.

What is the music at the beginning? Its very strange but I like it.

I filmed that game ı hope yall like it :)

A bit clunky but game got its vibe. Ending shouldn't be this rushed, feels very abrupt. Also, broken camera effect clearly was taken from "Outlast", so maybe not as obvious next time. Otherwise, pretty good start for the first game.

The game could be optimized further sure. No effect was taken from Outlast, I can assure you. Thanks for your feedback and for playing!

Hello Azaxor, here is a link to be a contributer for the 💀 Spooky jam 💀

Click here.

This game is awesome, I like it. I'm waiting for more of this game. 

Love the setting of the game! It felt a liiiiittle too small maybe? Or maybe that adds to it, can't quite figure out how I felt about it. Lots going on at all times, but really liked it overall :D

Had some performance issues, but that might've been my PC - really like this, good length and a good level of spooky 😁

This was an awesome horror game and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Such a creepy atmosphere gave me the chills and I never knew what to expect next!

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In the many attempts to play this game, I couldn't. I saw so many post the game running flawlessly but for some reason, once I get to the porch, my mouse starts "Flying blind" meaning, the camera won't move. I am still able to see my cursor hovering over other apps on my screen but it disappears once I hover over the game window, as if it would react but it doesn't. I am running the latest Windows, which would be the only reason I can think of that would cause this sort of malfunction. Please, let me know what's going on so I could finally get a chance and play the final version of this game. Thank you

I had alot of fun with this one 

Overall I ended up enjoying most of the experience, and I really appreciate the work that went into making this.  More detailed review below with critiques

3rd game in the video - @14:38

This game is the definition of too much I think.  There is so much happening almost any time you move, sometimes jump scares piled up 3 at a time and I didn't even know what I was supposed to be looking at, leaving me confused and worn out from so much noise.  Some of those scares were really good though, I especially like the woman screaming on the car.  The inventory system is ridiculous, took too much trial and error to get a key to work.  Once understood it I could do it, but it was also pulling you away from the game a lot at the same time.  Just a frustrating system.  The health system didn't seem applicable, I'm not sure if anything actually caused me damage, or if anything could, and there is no health bar to be seen, so consumables seemed to be a waste.  The same for the flashlight batteries, they seemed to be a waste.  The flashlight didn't really help much at all, and the battery seemed to drain even when not using it.  The refillable cartridges only giving back one bar was frustrating as well.  There is also so much in each of the rooms that it makes it so hard to see what it is you are looking for, I overlooked keys a few times.  And had to intensely stare for a long time to eventually find them later.  But overall I still enjoyed the game, despite being overstimulated and  not understanding the ending at all.  And I do really appreciate that there is so much put into this game, and can still say that you did a great job.        
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Thank you for the experience! I explain it better in my video, but my only critique is that the jump scares feel a bit too close at times, so I got a little desensitized. Other than that it was a spooky good time!


Very good game. Congrats to the developer


I really enjoyed this game! Very well done!
BUT, did I overcome my fear of dolls?

Find out :)

cool little game.


The game has creepy atmosphere. Was interesting to play. Also I really liked the music.


Creepy Game. Creepy Doll. Creepy Hands. Everything is creepy ! 



Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed the game, you found one of the secrets in the game as well!

your game looks good can you join my jam its Game Jam 2019 i think it'll be a great game


Well then she wasn't too happy with her love of BRAINS...

Great play through, thanks for playing my game! I hope you will play my next title AKAI NOROI which is coming soon to both and Steam. You can learn more about this here:

good game

Glad you enjoyed my game! Be on the lookout for my next title coming in September called AKAI NOROI. You can learn more about the game here:

Scary Ass Game

Thanks for playing my game! Be on the lookout for my next title coming in September called AKAI NOROI. Learn more about the game here:


For sure, I'll be on the lookout!

Thanks for playing ( v.0.05 FINAL)
Great playthrough!

Thanks for playing Crowl!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Really solid play through of my game Perdita! Thank you IGXL Insane Gaming XL for playing and for reaching out!


I love this game even though I got fully stuck and couldn't figure out how to progress up the stairs. The ambiance and the spooky atmosphere was amazing and really had me immersed. I did run into a glitch the first time through. I show that in the first minute of the video. I did play the most recent version of it. I can't wait to see more from you.

Hey thank you for playing! You should be able to fully look around and i haven't seen anyone have this issue. The key to the dinner room, spawns on one of the pinhead dolls inside the small house, after the event with the music box is triggered. Hope this helps you progress further! Cheers.


Thank you so much for your advice. I was able to finish your game. It was absolutely amazing, fun and spook-tatsic. I have the second half up on my channel. Yesterday on Reddit someone was talking about a flooded house in louisiana and wanted a game like that. I told them what perdita was about and I honestly hope they check it out. They used to live in manchac. I can't wait for your next game!! <3 Zombi

P.s. in case you want to see.

Just watched your playthrough! Thank you for playing and i am glad i could help you complete the game. A few cool things though, there are 3 secrets in the game, 2 relating to the story. If you look closely with your flashlight turned on against the mirror in the bathroom, you can see Julia and her her unborn child. You can also open windows by pressing E, and outside the window by the bathroom you can see the real body of Julia after she committed suicide. Now for the final secret, i see you enjoyed the mannequin room, now if you stay long enough inside the game, the one mannequin which head doesen't follow you will actually become alive and track your every movement and follow you around in the house. My next game is AKAI NOROI, a Asian / Japanese horror folklore inspired game, and is a lot more horrifying then my previous game, track development here if you want to, hope to release in around 1 month!


Perdita!!! Update!!!

Wooohooo! hahaha yeah nice game nice fun :D

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Once again, thank you so much for playing! AKAI NOROI is coming soon!


thx for info I m still can't wait :D


Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed the game and update! Didn't understand all video since I'm not Spanish! But i very much enjoyed watching your play through. Cheers! Be on the look out for my next game AKAI NOROI! Coming soon to Itch.



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Patch + new content update v0.05 final now out!

Thanks for playing everyone! The final patch + major content update is now out, and i encourage you all to re-download or try the game! Thanks for all the support! *Reuploading build might take a while*!

Perdita Final Build v0.05 Is now live, featuring patch + major content update, new explore able area, explore the old wrecked house Julia and Charles used to live in before Charles built the main house!

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