Urbex Alone is now released!

Urbex Alone is now released!

One night of urban exploration in a abandoned construction building alone. Setup your tent, setup your tripod cameras, monitor them, explore the building and make it until the next day, but beware this location is rumored by local authorities to be a hot spot for a satanic suicide cult.

A VHS Found Footage Urbex Simulation horror with 3 endings and emphasis on atmosphere, unpredictability, realism and a non-linear design, focusing on the feeling of providing a realistic solo urban exploration in a abandoned construction building.

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Full game available at: https://azagamestudio.itch.io/urbex-alone

  • Realistic solo urban exploration simulation feeling
  • Setup tripod cameras and monitor the building
  • Setup your tent and survive until the next day
  • Use your B/W camera mode to unveil secrets unseen to the naked eye.
  • Sepia camera mode
  • Limited blitz mechanic
  • Photorealistic graphics and VHS Found Footage theme
  • Realistic audio design
  • No hand holding, non-linear exploration
  •  Multiple endings - 3 different possible endings 
  • Randomized audio design and event system


Urbex Alone Full Game.zip 2 GB
Jun 11, 2023

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how long is this game


The game has 3 different endings. A full playthrough therefore depends on how much you explore / how many endings you want to get but 45-60min roughly.