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Really good game, nice atmosphere

so that all happened 


I liked it. Creepy story and the library is scary.  :0

A short, creepy experience. Well done :) 

This  was a good short foud footage style game. It had a bit of a disturbing ending but definetly worth a try.  Good story and atmosphere, the library part was really creepy.

I very much enjoyed this! The atmosphere, the story, and the message. Great job! 

This Game was strange but still amazing! We like short Japanese Horror games! Keep it up! 


I like it. First game in video.

Love the overall message of the game! Still a bit confused about what happened at the library (👀) or why the camera hated me, BUT good game nonetheless ^~^

Very cool game ->

Playing this tonight live around 6 Pm EST

My girlfriend gave this a try-- and she was unnerved!

Such a creepy game, it’s jarring seeing the reality of what was going on in the school.

I love the art style and how weird everything felt.

The end was cracking me up lol.

Short horror game, straight to the point and quite creative with the environment. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.


Nice VHS Horror and creepy! Going to check out CATACOMBIA when you release it :)

Full Play No Commentary 

THANK YOU wonderful game :):):):)

This game was pretty solid, I gonna be pretty bias and give it a 9/10! Simply because of the Japanese Aspect! It would be sick if you made this a full-blown story game, I would love to play it!



This game was both sad and horrifying, horrifying in a sense that this still happens now in today's world and nobody is doing anything about this. Great short game with a huge message


The game was really cool and the story behind it was sad. Loved the VHS style.

Watch video here:


I think a lot of people underestimate the horrors of school age years. The pressure from parents, peers, and let's not forget bullying. Loved the atmosphere, graphics, and message of the game. Kudos! (here's my playthrough; it's the second game)

Amazing game, Loved the Japanese styles. I made a video on it

I enjoy the gameplay and the raphics with the vhs is a bonus! I think i fell in love with retro vhs horror games now.  The game is short and i wish it was longer. Overall i rate the game a 8/10. Love the concept ;)

Just got done playing this game and although it was extremely short, I actually enjoyed it. The thing I love most about the game is the meaning behind it, that's always the most important thing about horror games. 

One thing I did have a problem with is the VHS filter, the developer of this game should make it an option to turn the VHS filter on or off. Anyways great game, keep up the good work.


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Comments below clip;

Very nicely done. Loved playing this game. It captures very well the atmo within the Japanese schooling system, and the suicides because of relentless bullying. It looks like I could have explored more, but I prefer to play a game once, and leave it up to others to go the extra mile.

Thank you for a very enjoyable 4 minutes of play. Kudos to all involved.

good game

It was so aesthetically pleasing to play. 😁👍The VHS visuals were on point. I am still not sure what the ending was about, but I think I have a slight idea.  

My conclusion: I WAS THE BULLY (am I right?)🤷‍♀️


This was really cool! I love the use of the VHS filter and the seeing the different dimension! Would've loved a little more jumpscares, but still a solid game! 

I love VHS style games and this did not let me down. Great atmosphere

Really creepy, wicked atmosphere and a strong message. Good work!

I am a really big fan of Japanese style horror games and this one did not disappoint. Keep it up! 

Buen juego pero seria shido mas cosas

A short but decent horror game. There's not much to it, but as a concept it's quite interesting. Would be interesting to see a longer, more fleshed-out version of this!

Pretty good game.  The models were a little off feeling, and the library, while spooky at first, felt a little silly with the ghost moving around.

Definitely worth a play, though.

Jeu court mais intense... bravo

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