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I really enjoyed the game you created!It was a thought-provoking story.Please make another game set in Japan!

Good message and nice game.Good Job! :) 


Straight to the point, good message.

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I really like Japanese VHS school horror games

a bit unclear at first, so I had to play twice to really understand it, but I really liked it!

Good story and horror elements.. Well done! :)

7/10  the game was fun to play, i just wish it was longer, i had to play 2 times since i felt like there could be more, after i used the camera i was amazed.

 keep up the good work!

Great game

be kind!!


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I went way back to check out some of your older games. That was definitely interesting and weird. I wish it was longer because ot was creeping me the hell out the longer I stayed in there haha. Thanks!

very short and very creepy!

This Game Is Very Fun And Interesting

Its The Third Game

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i just found out this rlly cool game, i rlly luv the graphics and stuff and the cute bgm!!

i feel like there’s a deeper lore for it but can’t put my finger on mhm…

so i hav 2 few theories:

1. the main character is being bullied aaand committed suicide and the scl      environment is fairly toxic

2. the main character is the bully and got someone killed mhm…

but i still feel like there’s smth more to it 

anyways keep up the great work and be kind :D

This was a really good game!

I had a lot of fun playing it and it was definitely SUPER creepy!

Especially in the library! That place was so creepy!! XD

All in all that was a really well done game and I had a lot of fun with it!! ^-^

Really enjoyed the game - great mechanic with the camera.  I absolutely love the moral to the game - Be Kind - that should be everybody's motto in life.

There was no battery use in the whole game, I can't remember the name of an old PS2 title that had the supernatural viewed through a camera, but it's a safe bet to leave the filter off when NOT  using the camera since it makes more sense to keep the camera separate.

I've been waiting for the screamer..  great game ! 


Loved playing your game and loved the message. Pretty dope.

Really good game, nice atmosphere

so that all happened 


I liked it. Creepy story and the library is scary.  :0

A short, creepy experience. Well done :) 

This  was a good short foud footage style game. It had a bit of a disturbing ending but definetly worth a try.  Good story and atmosphere, the library part was really creepy.

I very much enjoyed this! The atmosphere, the story, and the message. Great job! 

This Game was strange but still amazing! We like short Japanese Horror games! Keep it up! 


I like it. First game in video.

Love the overall message of the game! Still a bit confused about what happened at the library (👀) or why the camera hated me, BUT good game nonetheless ^~^

Very cool game ->

Playing this tonight live around 6 Pm EST

My girlfriend gave this a try-- and she was unnerved!

Such a creepy game, it’s jarring seeing the reality of what was going on in the school.

I love the art style and how weird everything felt.

The end was cracking me up lol.

Short horror game, straight to the point and quite creative with the environment. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.


Nice VHS Horror and creepy! Going to check out CATACOMBIA when you release it :)

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