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This game actually has such a deep meaning!! It actually made me sad at the end because I know how it feels... But other than that, this is a very nice game and I really like the VHS style of the game.

Very neat, how I interpreted your art, walking around with camera can be very spooky, be fearful of ceiling hands touching when you're in class. And the moral of be kind, very deep, very introspective of the political climate of horror. Thank you. 


This game as a potential, there is alot of details to rework but still good and its the first time I see a really good horror game concept like this, almost innovating.

                                                                Detail to rework

At the beggining, when we are at the outside of the school, walking sounds are a bit poorly done ; I only hear it when I press A,S,D but not W to basicelly walk (I have a AZERTY keyboard so I changed keybinds to Z,Q,S,D).

Second is the rain ; there is not so much cloud at the sky to rain this much and rain anyway, so just add a sky full of clouds.

Aesthetic effect with the rain can be better but it still amazing for now, other bugs and details forgotten are more important to that tiny detail and its my taste, and thats what makes the game so good and almost a innovating concept.

I think there is something wrong with the camera system, you can literally see writtings throught everything, and if its not in my taste this is not a good idea.

                                                                 End of the game

The end of the game is not really a good one but like you said its a short game developped on one week so I can't really say it's a bad one.

Thanks for making this good game anyway !

First game I played in my 3 scary games video I did for Halloween.

I really liked the VHS style you went with and the camera mechanic makes me wonder if there was anything that I missed since I don't know if I could have pulled out the camera before entering the school. 

Overall it was short but freaky!

What a cool and creepy atmospheric game just in time for Halloween! I hope you all enjoy the gameplay.

Creepy atmosphere and a good message at the end.

(Your game begins at 41:26)

Now that, that was a chilling experience!

While I question why this student is runnin around with a camera at school exactly, it is VERY effective once it actually comes into use, simply by virtue of just how much horrifying stuff it throws at you almost immediately. Very, very creepy.

If anything is to be nitpicked, it would be that the ending is entirely too abrupt, with the final "message" ending up making very, very little sense considering that moral is barely even built up, not even with context clues. I have some ideas, sure, but it comes across as someone pulling the power cable in the middle of th game and just leaving you unable to finish.

What we got, however, was great. Awesome work!


Hey, I played your game in my latest Horror Games video! I absolutely loved the game, it freaked me out real good! It starts at 7:24! Hope you enjoy the video!

Gave it a go...

Very cool atmosphere and effects in this.

It is indeed a short horror game, however the camera effects and graphics of the environment was on point! This would be rated as 8.5/10.

I feel like I did something wrong, I don't know WHAT I did wrong... but I'm PRETTY sure i did something wrong.

Quite unsettling

(first game i played in this video)

Unsettling level designs and characters. Felt like it could have been scarier but it has a good meaning behind it. Thanks! I played it along with another School themed horror game in this video.

was a good attempt at making a spooky setting.... very fun to play

Game gave both a good moral and a good scare. Nice one. I just wish it was a bit more open world to get more story.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.

good moral, like what you did with the vhs, but it lacks in the scares. Was nice tho. 

Played your game in a video I made. Hope you enjoy.

Liked the video camera mechanic but i think with how short the game is it'd be more effective to remove the battery and just let the player experience the effect

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Really interesting game and take on an important and serious issue. Loved the message and hope I interpreted it right lol 

Your game was the 3rd game I played in this video. The idea of what happens later in the game amazed me! I got surprised by the abrupt ending but the main part was pretty cool.

This game got me 3 times, lol

I love the story and the Idea.

The Whole game in general is Amazing  :)

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cool game. short and sweet. like the vhs style and the use of the camera to see a different perspective is nicely done. hope there's more to come :)

Would love more games like this, really pulled off a scary game without the need of jump-scares!

Cool game. The Look and feel of the game was really great, but there were a few... strange things in it.

I enjoyed this game. The overall feel of the game was unique. If your interested in my game play feel free to check it out.

i personally dont like j-horror but i like the vhs style of this but i was very confused at the end, overall great game

your game got a good jump out of me LOL, i enjoyed it

This game was a somewhat interesting but it was so short. I felt like I didnt have time to get immersed. An physical threat could spice things up though.

This is  so a Amazing game I really enjoy this game! Good Job on this one! really like it!

Amazing game dev had a lot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Very creepy game.

Thanks for playing. Enjoyed your playthrough - The game is all about the message, and yeah there is some more hidden stuff then what you found, but i like how you explored the environment, it's not really a game for everyone and was made in a pretty short time span.  If you wanna checkout some of my more major titles find me on Twitter: Cheers!

Your game is amazing. I followed you on twitter by the way. Keep up the amazing work.

It's nothing special but at least it's different. Followed you back and appreciate the support! If you need more to play my previous game Perdita is available on Itch, and demo from my main title Deep Rest, and my upcoming title AKAI NOROI is being released on Steam soon! Links here:, /,

You're the best!!! I'll get on your other games soon. Much respect on your grind, and thank you for the links.

Awesome man, I really appreciate it and wish you all the best!

Thanks for playing!

here's my gameplay  video, not the best commentary but here ya go

Thanks for playing!

Full Gameplay.

The game is way more short I guess but the thing is its really amazing I like this one also recommend  everyone to give it a shot :)) Rated 5/5

Thanks for playing & rating! Playtime is longer but it really depends on how much you explore the game world to uncover secrets. Cheers!

Oh, I just followed the objective. My bad  :D

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Thanks for playing and glad you liked it. What resolution where you playing in? ( the game is best played in 1920x1080 )

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