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This was pretty well done! The atmosphere and environment was  really spooky and great to be in; the sounds really sold everything and the visuals made it seem like one was in an old movie. Everything just really went well together, and gave the place's story more strength; especially with the sounds of the past that kept coming back. 

The building was self contained enough and was pretty freaky and well done. Though towards the end, there was only one path to go towards which branched off to different endings which I think felt off from the whole feel of the game, but it was still pretty cool and spooky!

Also maybe a suggestion for the future for this series would be to visually show the deaths and horrors that happened in this place; like the hanging woman, the falling barrel, etc. That has more impact than some newspaper articles strewn about the place telling more or less the same story about the place. (I still think that the stories were interesting and the implications it had were open ended and left towards interpretations pretty well!)

Though I do have to say that the sounds were fantastic; they seemed 'soft' in a way and that sold it and made it seem that much more realistic and can make players feel like they are really in the situation, so really well done on the sounds!

It was a fun game and very well done! Good luck for future projects!

Wow, the atmosphere of the place was amazing, I just did the 1 ending and watch this playthrough.

Thanks :)

Hmm, oh how I like my horror, terrifying!

Lawd i needed to drink some coffee after I played this game lol

 i got all 3 ending, play this 3 times ! Thanks for made this game
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this  game gave me a good scare 

I really enjoyed playing the game! I loved the style and atmosphere of it. There were a few jump scares that got me pretty good! Thanks for making the game

I made this before playing your game and It kind of dose pertains to the story a lil bit hope you enjoy

This game was pretty good, like the style of the game it actually looks like exploration footage from an old VHS player. Made a video on it.

This game was super spooky i loved the Ambience! My playthrough starts at 13:44 Keep up the awesome work! 

Che dire, un Horror che funziona! Ottima atmosfera, ottimo sonoro, molto immersivo. Tensione sempre alta.  da giocare in cuffia e al buio!

j'ai adoré ! 

i love the game

This was a great game!

my game-play --Spine Shattering - Grainwind - YouTube

Terrifying. The sounds throughout he entire experience keep you in constant suspension and the jump-scares practically send you into orbit. Another great addition to the vhs genre of horror!


I Couldn't even look away cause i was too busy fartin cause of those sounds

This game gave me anxiety, Thank you 10/10

내가 소리지른 횟수는 너무 많아서 못 샌다...ㅋㅋ

It took me so long just to get the first ending, but I have to admit the jumpscares were effective! Dare anyone to watch it alone. 

Creepy game, with an eerie atmosphere.Got all endings

Why do png images scare me? I don't know, but it worked lol

Great Work !!! So gruselig und gutgemachte Story dazu . Respekt !! Love this Game. 🥰

This game is absolute FIRE The randomized Sounds and jump scares Make the game very nerve racking was on the edge of my seat the whole game!

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Such an awesome game! Well made, and great controls. Keep up the good work!

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Had A really good time with this game. If Yaliked the vid consider liking or subscribing. Cant wait to play your new games!

great game lots of fun, a little buddy but not bad looking forward to your next one!



Some great scares, I like that there was definitely some trial and error to this game. The jump scares were OUT OF CONTROL.

I had SO much fun playing this game.

Fro the graphics to the audio, it really immersed me into that horrible derelict building.

Only confusion I had was that there's a separate button to crouch and then to like kneel??? Would have been easier just to have one button to crouch and then allow that to get under the wood planks but that's only a minor observation.

Terrifying horror game.

Check out my video.

Wow what a good game!! i loved the experience, i think the story is very interesting, hope i can see the continuation of the game, you did a good job as always.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Great game! A little too dark at times, but other than that it was enjoyable. Look forward to the next one. 

Jogo bem assustador, o som e a ambientação macabra, gostei.

This is a very solid game, I absolutely love the random audio and events it makes what ever is going on feel more authentic. I think the grainy video style adds a lot of creepy atmosphere to it. The audio was also super well done.

this game was creepy and great at the same time.

This game had me very scared and nervous very good game!!! 

I really enjoyed the game, the sound effect, story, graphic and jump scare were amazing !! :)

This was a fantastic horror game. I love VHS games and this one definitely didn't disappoint. I actually didn't know that the more you play, the more events occur, so I'll definitely come back to play it. Other than that, I loved the atmosphere and audio queues that played. It was pretty good.

Will it run on win 10 64bit, gtx 950m, intel core  i5 7200 and 8gb ram?

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Yes should be fine. 


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