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New video game was confusing but fun

I was honestly kinda lost....

i really liked the look of this game but it was unclear at times where I was supposed to go. also there was no way to know how much health i had and the i got cornered so i couldn't run from the hammer guy once.

Thanks for playing Melty!

I had a lot of fun playing this game, and I really enjoyed the vibe! I think I ran into a couple of game-breaking bugs, or maybe I missed something. I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my video and let me know! I'd finish it if possible. Thank you!

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Thanks for playing, It wasn't a bug but the key card is a bit too hard to see, it was actually right next to the key you picked up in the doctor level, there is also another ending you can get by replaying and going down the other train track. Regardless thanks for playing glad you had fun!

Ah darn, that's a shame I missed it! I swore I looked everywhere but I guess I'm just blind. Is it possible to hide from or fight the monster, by the way? 

It was right next to the key behind the door, guess you missed it after you opened it, might do a little update sometime, yeah theres a locker you can hide in.

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Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed! There's another ending if you go down the opposite traintrack. Cheers

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Thanks for playing ssjustin!

Thanks 8-BitRyan for including Last Stop Station 66 as part of your Three Random Games playthrough!

Thanks for playing ezez game!

Thanks for playing  Slawek!

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Sorry for any inconvenience this caused!

*Updated description for Controllers*

Now Supports PS4 / XBOXONE Controller, connect before executing the game and it will auto detect input at launch, due to auto detection you must disconnect controller before launching if you want keyboard&mouse.

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing B-Lew!

Thanks for playing HotLettuceTV!

Thanks for playing OGRecipe!

Thanks for playing Matchu!

are you guys all professional designers or why do all the games look so incredibly good

I'm actually a solo developer but thanks much appreciated!

Had fun trying out this horror game!  I thought some of the objectives and atmosphere for the game was good! 

I enjoyed the game a lot, but missed out soooo much 😭

Love the vhs horror aspect hope theres more to come <3

This game by far gave me the WORST SCARE I have ever had, great work with this game loved it.

pretty cool. I didn't find all the endings but had fun. 

Loved this one. Your games get better with each one released. I would like to see this one explored more in a part 2 or something because it was great! (It's the last game in this video if you check it out!)


Excellent Way to keep me from dirty Subway stations! Last Stop: Station 66 -Great Game From Azaxor

Stay tuned Azaxor, ill play it aswell now. And i will put it on my channel!


Thanks for playing zachbealetv!

Thanks for playing Genuine993!

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks, keep on creating! Cheers.

Thanks! I will, But I did have a question I forgot to ask I noticed there was a feature in the game everyone who played noticed, The camera going down when you go down the stairs was this intended or is it a bug.

You're the first to mention it actually, but i believe its just a simple collision glitch, could be easily fixed though. Thanks.

Alright sounds good

Best horror game creator hands down! 🤣 This one was shorter than expected, but still a great experience! And scary as always... Lol

Thanks man means a lot! There is actually another ending if you went down the opposite train track path so the game is a fair bit longer! Regardless glad you enjoyed stay tuned for more!

This was a lot of fun and a couple of the jumpscares got me. I also seem to have bugged the killer AI and he got stuck on the locker. 🤣 Only two suggestions I have (which a couple of people already mentioned): make the keys more visible in the doctor office and possibly add a skip button after watching the intro. This was a really enjoyable experience for me!

Thanks for playing & for your feedback much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the game! 

Cool short horror experience. I really liked the dark and grittiness of the game and its nightmarish atmosphere/enemies.

I noticed a couple of small glitches:

1). I had a playthrough (not shown in this video) where the pighead monster chased me into the locker than just hung there swinging into the locker until I opened the locker again.

2). There was a slight lag in the change of dialogue where the protagonists response would slightly overlap the beginning of the doctor's dialogue.

Neither one of these glitches are game breaking, but just thought I'd mention them. All in all, like all of your other games, I enjoyed this one.

Thanks for the detailed feedback very much appreciated and thanks for playing glad you enjoyed the game!

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Thanks for playing!

I was a little confused at first, but this game had some great scares, some nice twists, and I really loved the VHS style graphics! Overall, it's a great game! 

Really cool game,concept! Keep up the good work!:)

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Regardless thanks for playing and for feedback!

Excelent game to scary!!. 

Gameplay comentado en español 

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed!


Really great game I absolutely love these style of horror games and last stop: station 66 was no different. The atmosphere from the first step off the train to the last was chilling. I only wish the game was longer. 

The only slight...problem I have is that if you die you have to watch the intro cutscene. Unless there is a skip button I didn't see, in which case, forget everything I said.

A good point and I agree about the skip intro cutscene, thanks for playing and for your feedback, very much appreciated, glad you enjoyed the atmosphere too! I am working on a long + more polished game called Catacombia you can wish-list it here:

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